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Rare book Sale

Irmgard De Haan has decided to sell some of her wonderful book collection.  Irmgard's collection includes some very rare, much sought after antique books as well as many modern classics. 

There are modern books by Alfred De Quoy, Joel Samaha, Mary McBride, Linda Gover, Willy Nebgen and many more.

The rare books include Vero Shaw's 'Illustrated Book of the Dog' (c1890), Stonehenge On the Dog (1872), Beatrice Harrison's 'The Cello and the Nightingales', Cecil Aldin's 'Dogs of Character,  and Cassell's 'New Book of the Dog' 4 volume set.

If you are a lover of rare books, this is a wonderful opportunity to add to your collection.

Please note, this is a private sale by Irmgard and has no connection to the Irish Wolfhound Society.

For further information, please contact Irmgard De Haan directly at:

Championship Show September 2023

Full results, critiques and photographs of winners are available by following the link below.

Our Championship Show, judged by Rebecca Peek, was held on Sunday 24th September 2023.

Results, photographs and critique are available by following the link below.

We've added new page to our website about buying an Irish Wolfhound puppy and why one of the most important choices you will make is the choice of breeder.

We have included advice on what to ask breeders, what they might ask you, what health checks should be carried out by the breeder, the importance of choosing a breeder who abides by the Code of Conduct, and who to contact if you want to find an ethical breeder.

Click on the link below to go directly to the page.

The Kennel Club Board has approved amendments to the Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows) Level 1 and Level 2 criteria.

These amendments will come into effect for shows held on or after 1 January 2024 and apply to judges signing contracts from the date of this announcement (21 August 2023). Existing CC judges are exempt from this requirement.

Judges Education Programme (JEP) Level 1 criteria is as follows, with amends in bold:

  • Minimum of five years proven interest in pedigree dogs

  • Attend a Conformation and Movement seminar hosted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer

  • Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments

  • Attend a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar and pass associated exam (either in person or online via Kennel Club Academy)

  • Pass the Points of a Dog assessment conducted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer


Previously it was a requirement that passing the Points of a Dog assessment and Requirements of a Dog Show Judge exam was part of JEP Level 2 criteria.


Consequently, JEP Level 2 criteria is now amended as follows:

  • Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination for the respective breed

  • View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz via Kennel Club Academy

  • Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz via Kennel Club Academy


Whilst completing the critique writing and stewarding seminars remain a JEP Level 2 requirement, the Royal Kennel Club Board has agreed that they can be undertaken at any time, and that the judge does not need to wait until they meet Level 1 criteria, and are recommended to view prior to stewarding or judging.


Judges sitting multiple-choice exams held at Breed Appreciation Days from 1 January 2024 will be required to meet the amended Level 1 criteria.

The full JEP criteria for all levels  and eligibility to judge can be found on our website by following the link below.

Dr Maura Lyons Breed Health Coordinator

Wonderful news!


Dr Maura Lyons, the Breed Health Coordinator for Irish Wolfhounds, has been announced as the winner of the prestigious International Canine Health Awards 2023 for her work on improving the health of Irish Wolfhounds.

Dr Maura Lyons helps to organise and orchestrate research and development that increases awareness of health schemes for Irish Wolfhounds.  Maura also liaises with owners, scientists, breed bodies and owners to raise perception and encourage improvements in Wolfhound health.

Maura is a member of the Irish Wolfhound Health Group, who are focussed on all aspects of Irish Wolfhound health, in particular the heart screening programme as well as awareness and treatments for pneumonia in wolfhounds.

Dr Nick Blayney, who Chairs the selection panel for the Breed Health Co-ordinator Award, said: “Dr Maura Lyons wonderfully exemplifies the vital role Breed Health Co-ordinators have in improving the health and welfare of our much-loved breeds. Dr Lyons’ work in improving the awareness of health issues in Irish Wolfhounds on both the veterinary side and public side is invaluable.”

Congratulations, Maura, from all at the Irish Wolfhound Society.

Click below for the full information about the award on the Royal Kennel Club Website.





 Breed Appreciation Day 

Sunday 22 October 2023

at Baginton Village Hall, CV8 3AB


~ ​Breed Specific Seminar ~

~ Multiple Choice Exam ~


~ Hands on Assessment ~

For full details and to book your place, download the booking form.

Dog heart x ray

Heart screening is an initiative, coordinated by the Irish Wolfhound Health Group, that enables all Irish Wolfhound owners to access regular heart examinations at an affordable price, whilst also providing valuable information for ongoing research.


The screening is non-invasive and comprises a stethoscope examination, an ECG, and an ultrasound scan. The wolfhound is not shaved or sedated.


The three-part screening can identify heart disease before symptoms appear and, with early intervention and modern medication, the Wolfhound can live a long, happy, good-quality life.


Society members are strongly recommended that all hounds used for breeding take part annually in a heart testing programme approved by the Irish Wolfhound Society.


You can find details of sessions in your area and book a place by following the link below.

The Irish Wolfhound Society are collecting articles and adverts for our members' annual magazine.

We welcome contributions, articles (long or short), news stories, quizzes or photographs from our members.  It is your magazine, and it is your contributions that keep it interesting and enjoyable.

Adverts are a wonderful way to showcase your achievements, celebrate your wins, or simply show everyone how proud you are of your Irish Wolfhound. 

We can help you put together or design an advert – this is a free service for IWS members.  If you have the idea, we can make your advert!

                   Costs for adverts are:

                   1 page      £40

                   2 pages    £60

                   3 pages    £80

                   4 pages    £100.


The deadline for adverts is the end of October but we are always happy to receive your advert earlier.


Get in touch and we'll see how we can help. For further information email Tina Jones 

The Irish Wolfhound Society, in conjunction with the Irish Wolfhound Club, will be holding a Breed Appreciation Day and Multiple Choice Exam on


Sunday 22nd October 2023.

The aim of the Breed Appreciation Day is to educate and inform individuals interested in the breed, whether they are exhibitors, aspiring judges or breeders.

Further details to follow soon…..

The Royal Kennel Club has decided that dogs which win two Challenge Certificates (CCs) in addition to five Reserve Challenge Certificates (RCCs) will gain the title of Champion/Show Champion, effective from 1 July 2023.


The link below takes you to the Royal Kennel Club Media Centre, where you can find full details.

Click link to download a list of judges who have been appointed to judge Irish Wolfhounds at Championship Shows this year.

Sunday 24th September 2023               Championship Show                      Judge: Rebecca Peek

Sunday 28th January 2024                    Open Show                                    Judge:  Ann Donaldson

Sunday 28th January 2024                    Championship Show                      Judge: Ian Sexton

Sunday 29th September 2024               Championship Show                      Judge: Louise Pinkney


All shows will be held at Sky Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore,

Coventry, CV8 3FL.

Our Limited Show, judged by Alex Paisey, was held on Sunday 26th March 2023.

Results, photographs and critique are available here.

At the recent Pawscars event we are delighted to say one of our Vice President's Mrs Zena Thorn Andrews was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Although now mainly known for her Drakesleat Dachshunds who have won hundreds of CCs both here and abroad Zena was an extremely successful breeder and exhibitor of Irish Wolfhounds.


Her first Wolfhound Ch Edgecroft Simon was born in 1967 and there followed very many champions bred under her Drakesleat affix. The hound most people including our newer exhibitors know of is Ch Drakesleat Kyak born in 1979, who up to present day is the breed record holder with 41 CCs.

We are sure you will join us in sending our congratulations to Zena on this well deserved recognition of her 55 years involvement in breeding and exhibiting superb pedigree dogs.

The Irish Wolfhound Society AGM will be held on:

Sunday 2nd April 2023

Stoke Goldington Village Hall

Nr. Newport Pagnell, Bucks. MK16 8NR


Refreshments from 10:30 am AGM 11:00 am

The AGM will be followed by a light buffet lunch.

Our Limited Show will be held on Sunday 26th March 2023 at The Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry CV8 3FL.

The closing date for entries is 13th March 2023.

The judge is Alex Paisey.

Open Show January 2023

Results and critique are available here.

Championship Show September 2022

Results and critique are available here.

Results and critique are available here.

Obituary of Elizabeth C Murphy by Liz Thornton

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