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Photographs - Beverley Poole

Open Show Results 2016

Held at The Sports Connexion on Sunday 27th September
Judge Mrs Mavis Wild (Fincorrie)

Our Open shows are
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Dog Class Winners

Best In Show -  Mrs J. Pain;  Ravensbeech Credo 

Reserve Best In Show -   Mrs C. L. Pinkney; Hydebeck Imperial Ruler JW

Best Opposie Sex - Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner; Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan

Best Puppy In Show - Mrs J. Pain;  Ravensbeech Revera

Best Veteran - Ms. A.E. Donaldson; Rainster Rosa at Kirkarswell

Best Dog - Mrs J. Pain; Ravensbeech Credo

Reserve Best Dog - Mrs C. L.Pinkney; Hydebeck Imperial Ruler

Best Bitch - Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner; Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan

Reserve Best Bitch - Mr & Mrs R. & C. Goodson; Ravensbeech Camina at Moralach



Bitch Class Winners


Puppy Dog  (3,0)

1. Miss W. Heather,

 Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard  


2. Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Das Purkayastha,

Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh

3. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves,

Wolfhouse Count Basie




Puppy Bitch (4,0)

1. Mrs J. Pain,

Ravensbeech Revera

2. Mr S. Bradley,

Glengail Ggwendolyn


3. Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins,

Glengail Gglenys



Res. Mrs D. Treadwell,

Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian


Junior Dog (3, 1 abs)

1. Ms S. Evans,

Maccaura Tennessee Jed of Braewisan.

2. Mr & Mrs R. & R. Walters,

Brachan Breuddwyd Y Ddriag


Yearling Dog (6, 1 abs)


1. Mrs D. Tebbutt,

Caredig Barbarian.


2. Mrs A. fox,

Kazachok Roan Inish at Newdigate.


3. Mr & Mrs G.A. & E.A. Bogart,

Mascott's Conquistador.


Resv. Miss L. Colbert,

Nana Nana Von der Erzminen


VHC. Mr & Mrs R. & R. Walters,

Brachan Breuddwyd Y Ddriag




Novice Dog  (3, 1 abs)

1.  Mrs R. Walters,

Killoughery The Bounder

2. Miss L. Colbert,

Nana Nana Von der Erzminen.




Junior Bitch (10, 6 abs)

1. Mrs R. cramphorn,

Yelxba Victoria.

2. Mrs D. Tebbutt,

Brachan Dolig Wen Caredig.

3. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin,

Maccaura Lacey of Torteval.


Resv. Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar,

Tarlog Black Lace of Gealmarque





Yearling Bitch (3, 1 abs)


 Mr & Mrs S. & B. Bridges,

Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barrassy





Novice Bitch (8, 2 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner,

Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan.

2. Mrs J. Pain,

Ravensbeech Revera.

3. Mr A. Stote,

Ravensbeech Caritas.


Resv. Ms S. Evans,

Braewisan Orlaith.


VHC. Mr S. Bradley,

Glengail Ggwendolyn


© Copyright


Post Graduate Dog (7, 1 abs)

1. Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar,

Gealmarque Melton say.

2.Mrs M.K. Addington,

Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg.

3.Mr & Mrs G.A. & E.A. Bogart,

Nellwynn's Mr Ozymandias.

Res. Mrs S. Dawson,

Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico.


VHC. Mr & Mrs B.H. & T.J. Jones,

Draugfara Minyelion.



Post Graduate Bitch (5, 3 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner,

Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan.

2. Mrs S. Wilkinson,

Jessica Kate Roan Inish IKC



Limit Dog (6, 0 abs)

1. Ms. C.L. Pinkney,

Hydebeck Imperial Ruler.

2. Mrs & Mrs B.A. & C.E. Sheppard,

Conmeryl Marksman with Goldswift.

3.Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar,

Gaelmarque Drap de Berry.

Res.  Ms. K. Gregory,

Killoughery The Baron.


VHC. Dr & Miss P.P.& S. Das Purayastha,

Nellwynn's Mr Tobias among Neckrebagh.



Limit Bitch (12, 6 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs R. & C. Goodson,

Ravensbeech Camina at Moralach.

2. Dr & Mrs C.T. Sheppard,

Conmeryl Miss Scarlet for Goldswift.

3. Mrs S. Wilkinson,

Conmeryl Merriment over Hunacres Shcm.

Res. Mr & Mrs P.v. & P.A. Pask,

Wulfgar Fontaine of Baronglen.


VHC. Mr & Mrs K. & A.E. Campbell-Woodford,

Rivenhounds Bonfire at Kilmaadaugh




Open Dog (7, 2 abs)

1. Mrs J. Pain,

Ravensbeech Credo.


2. Mrs & Mrs A. & C. Brown & Sheppard,

Draugfara Taren.


3. Mr A. Lefley,

Hydebeck imperial Commander of Nicsar


Resv. Mr & Mrs B.H. & T.J. Jones,

Madiamoy Gentle Saxon of Castellblyth


VHC. Mrs R. Walters,

Killoughery The Bounder.



Open Bitch (5, 3 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner,

Ballyphelan Damson.

2.Miss W. Heather,

Whiteorchard Venusta.



Veteran Dog (1, abs)



Veteran Bitch (6, 3 abs))

1. Ms A.E.Donaldson,

Rainster Rosa at Kirkarswell

2. Mr & Mrs K. & C. Broughton,

Grifemy Magic Mist over Montisacre.


3. Mr & Mrs S. Roberts,

Tarlog Tara.


Judge's Presentation


Presentation to Mrs Mavis Wild (Fincorrie) by Mrs Elizabeth Murray (Chairman) and  Mrs Diane Redfern (Show Secretary)

Judge's Critiques


Many thanks to the Committee for the privilege of judging one's breed show and for the wonderful hospitality. Special thanks to my stewards who did a sterling job and of course the exhibitors who were very sporting.

I had some lovely hounds to go over, although very diverse. Mouths were good, temperaments excellent. I was looking for hounds that I felt could do the job they were originally bred for, power strength and soundness needed for a galloping hound. I was very pleased with my placings and the overall standard.

Due to unforeseen circumstances my notes were re-arranged at home by a puppy so may be rather sketchy and repetitive! Sincere apologies.




Minor Puppy Dog (0)


Puppy Dog (3)


1. Heather’s - Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard

Well grown 11 month old. Pleasing head, neck, forechest and front assembly. Strong bone. Correct topline which he kept on the move. Excellent bend of stifle. Moved with drive. One for the future.


2. Dr & Miss P.P.S. Das Purkayastha's - Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh

Litter brother to 1. Much the same applies, although taller and less angulated, hopefully will drop into himself. Well presented and handled.


3. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves' - Wolfhouse Count Basie


 Junior Dog ((3,1A)


1. Ms S. Evans' Maccaura - Tennessee Jed of Braewisan (IMP)

Pleasing young dog looking correct for his age. Super head and expression. Strong length of neck and well constructed front assembly. Deep forechest.  Strong hindquarters. Has time on his side.


2. Mr & Mrs R. & R. Walters' - Brachan Breuddwyd y Ddriag

Pleasing head and expression. Reasonable lay of shoulder and front construction. He is a tall dog which at the moment tends to make him look rather stilted and loose on the move. Another one that has time on his side.


Yearling Dog (5,1A)


1. Mrs D. Tebbutt’s - Caredig Barbarian

Strong made dog in excellent condition. He has a masculine head, strong neck and correct front construction. Tight feet, good depth of chest, well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters. Very well presented.


2. Mrs A. Fox’s - Kazachok Roan Inish At Newdigate (IKC)

A lot to like about this dog. Lovely head and expression with dark eye. Excellent reach of neck, slightly upright in shoulder. Tight feet. Reasonable topline and rear angulation.


3. Mr & Mrs G. A. & E. A.  Bogart’s - Mascots Conquistador


Novice Dog (2)


1. Mrs R. Walters' - Killoughery The Bounder

A lot to like about this dog. Pleasing head with dark eye and neat ears. Strong neck leading leading into well placed shoulder and upper arm. Adequate topline and tuck up, tends to fall away at croup. Would prefer more bend of stifle.


2. Ms L.  Colbert’s - Nana Nana Von der Erzminen

This boy appears very raw. He has a pleasing head although light in the eye. Reasonable front assembly, topline and underline. Hindquarters need to strengthen. Movement rather erratic but sympathetically handled.


Post Graduate Dog (7,1A)


Very Strong Class


1. Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar’s - Gaelmarque Melton Say

I judged this dog as a puppy. Now coming into maturity and has not disappointed. Handsome head, dark eye, and neat ears. Good reach of neck into strong shoulders and forehand. Deep ribcage, strong topline and second thigh. Moved well with drive. Very sound, well handled.


2. Mrs M. K. Addington’s - Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg

Another I have judged as a junior, he is maturing well and settling into himself. He has a super head, dark eye and strong neck. Fair shoulder placement. Good rise over the loin. Strong hindquarters.


3. Mr & Mrs G. A. & E. A. Bogart’s - Nellwyns Mr Ozymandias


Limit Dog (7,2A)


1. Ms C. L. Pinkney’s - Hydebeck Imperial Ruler J W

Super well put together dog. Liked everything about him. Handsome head, dark eye, good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Deep brisket. Strong loins and rear angulation. Very powerful on the move, very well balanced. In tip top condition. RBD & RBIS.


2. Mrs & Mrs B. A. & C. E. Poole & Sheppard’s - Conmeryl Marksman with Goldswift

Strong masculine head, dark eye, good length of neck, reasonable front assembly. Deep chest, well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters. Moved with drive, very sound.


3. Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar’s - Gaelmarque Drap de Berry


Open Dog  (7,2A)


This class was very diverse


1. Mrs J. Pain’s - Ravensbeech Credo

This was a quality dog, liked him as a puppy and one I could have taken home. Strong, well presented, in super condition. Excellent head, strong neck, lovely forechest. Correct front assembly. Strong feet. Correct topline and strong hindquarters which he used on the move. Wonderful crisp coat. BIS.



2. Mrs & Mrs A. C. Brown & Sheppard's - Draugfara Taren

Tall, rangy dog that stands over a lot of ground. Kind expression. Good length of neck, well placed shoulder, deep chest. Strong topline. Well angulated hindquarters.


3. Mr A. Lefley's - Hydebeck Imperial Comander of Nicsar


Veteran Dog (1,1A)




Minor Puppy Bitch (0)


Puppy Bitch (4)


1. Mrs J. Pain’s - Ravensbeech Revera

Another strong, well put together bitch and daughter of my BIS. Beautiful head, length of neck, correct front assembly. Deep chest. Strong topline. Well bent stifles. Sound, strong movement. BP.



2. Mr S. Bradley’s - Glengail Ggwendolyn

Strong bitch. Typical head, dark eye. Good reach of neck and adequate front assembly. Not quite the topline and movement of 1 but an overall pleasing picture.


3. Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins' - Glengail Gglenys


Junior Bitch (10,6A)


1. Mrs R. Cramphorn’s - Yelxba Victoria

Super houndy bitch, she stands over a lot of ground. Typical, excellent head and length of neck. Lovely forechest and front assembly. Excellent topline which she kept on the move through strong, well angulated hindquarters.


2. Mrs D. Tebbutt’s - Brachan Dolig Wen Caredig

Strong, well put together bitch, heavier in bone than 1. Excellent head, expression and front assembly. Deep chest, strong topline and rear angulation. Sound movement.


3. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin’s - Maccaura Lacy of Torteval (IMP USA)




Yearling Bitch (3,2A)


1. Mr & Mrs S. & B. Bridges' - Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barassy

Lovely bitch at 20 mths, well put together and still has a lot to offer. Excellent head and expression. Good reach of neck , good shoulder placement and depth of chest. Strong topline and hindquarters.


Novice Bitch (8,2A)


1. Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner’s - Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan

Stunning grey bitch, liked everything about her, she has that wonderful hound look. Excellent head, eye and ears. Lovely reach of neck into super front assembly. Deep chest. Strong topline and hindquarters. Moved with drive and purpose. BB &BOS.


2. Mrs J. Pain’s - Ravensbeech Revera


3. Mr A. Stote’s - Ravensbeech Caritas


Post Graduate Bitch (6,4A)


1. Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner’s - Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan

Stunning houndy bitch. Excellent head and expression. Strong reach of neck, depth of forechest and front assembly. Strong topline and rear angulation. Very sound.


2. Mrs S. Wilkinson’s - Jessica Kate Roan Inish (IKC)

An impressive hound, heavier in bone than 1. Dark eye and kind expression. Well laid shoulders and front assembly. Strong topline and hindquarters. Very sound.


Limit Bitch (12,6A)


Super class


1. Mr & Mrs R. & C. Goodson’s - Ravensbeech Camina at Moralach

Quality bitch. Super head & expression. Strong neck, excellent shoulder placement. Good bone. Deep chest. Strong topline and underline. Strong hindquarters, well balanced. RBB


2. Dr & Mrs C. T. Sheppard’s - Conmeryl Miss Scarlet for Goldswift

Very feminine bitch. Lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck. Adequate shoulder placement although narrower in front than 1. Lovely topline and strong hindquarters. Sound in movement.


3. Mrs S. Wilkinson’s - Conmeryl Merriment over Hunacres Sh.CM


Open Bitch (5,2A)


Two quality bitches


1. Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner’s - Ballyphelan Damson

Beautifully put together. Lovely head combining white/grey furnishings, dark eye. Strong neck and deep forechest, correct front assembly. Tight feet. Strong topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Excellent movement and very sound.


2. Miss W. Heather’s - Whiteorchard Venusta

Another well put together bitch with substance. Attractive head and strong neck. Well laid shoulders and overall proportions. Strong hindquarters. I was nit-picking between these two.


Veteran Bitch (6,3A)


Three lovely bitches in top condition. A credit to their owners.

You should be very proud.


1. Ms A. E. Donaldson’s - Rainster Rosa at Kirkarswell

7 years old, she is a feminine, elegant hound and liked everything about her. Beautiful head and expression.

Deep forechest. Strong front and hindquarters. Moved well. B.V.


2. Mr & Mrs K. C. Broughton’s - Grifemy Magic Mist Over Montisacre

9 years old, very similar to 1. Wonderful head and expression. Solid front assembly and depth of chest. Strong topline and hindquarters which she used well on the move.


3. Mr & Mrs S. Roberts' - Tarlog Tara


Mavis Wild (Fincorrie) 



Open Show Trophy Awards

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