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AGM 2015

The IWS held their AGM on Sun 19th April.

It was a very pleasant day with a nice atmosphere.

The officers of the Society remain in situ and Fiona Dawson was the only nomination for the committee and has therefore formally been accepted. This was due to the vacancy that arose because Jane Roe sadly had to make the decision to resign due to excessive work load, therefore Helen Sheppard stepped up into the role of secretary.

Presentations were given by Rebecca Peek on behalf of the IWHG and Miranda Brace on behalf on Jean Timmins for IWH Rescue.

Diane Redfern won the ballot for the 2017 Championship show.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Dave Howe's presentation about hydrotherapy, very much an interactive session creating a lot of discussion.

Lunch, as always was super, a huge thankyou to Joan Williams and Ros Cramphorn.

Mavis Wild, as always, gave a vote of thanks to the committee and to Chris Wright for producing another quality magazine, this acknowledgement is very much appreciated by the committee.

Hope to see you all again next year.

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