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IWHG - Breed Health Survey

Breed Health Survey - closes on Friday 21st September

You can take part in the owners' survey here and in the breeders' survey here.

The UK Kennel Club is developing Breed Health and Conservation Plans (BHCPs)* for all registered dog breeds to ensure that health concerns are identified through evidence-based criteria, so that breeders will have useful information and resources to support them in making balanced breeding decisions in the future.

Irish Wolfhounds are in the next round of breeds required to produce a plan with the KC so we are inviting all owners of UK Irish Wolfhounds, whether or not registered, to complete a simple survey to provide the KC with an up to date and accurate snapshot of the breed’s current health status. The survey is anonymous and your answers, along with other sources of scientific evidence, will provide important data for our BHCP.

The first section is about dogs that are alive and that you currently own; the second section refers to any dogs that you have owned that have died in the last ten years. For breeders there is also a separate additional survey specifically about your breeding experiences over the last ten years.

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