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2023 Open Show Results

Held on Sunday 29th January 2023
The Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on Dunsmore, Coventry.
Judge - Kim Webb (Inkleyboys) 

Critique is below results

Best in Show               

Reserve Best in Show

Best Puppy in Show     

Best Veteran in Show          

Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra     

Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn    Lyenlouper Lyndene

Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard


Miss W Heather

Mrs F and Mr G Dawson

Mrs K Sharratt

Miss W Heather

Best in Show
Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra

BIS Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra

Reserve Best in Show
Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

RBIS Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

Best Puppy in Show
Lyenlouper Lyndene Laddie

BPIS Lyenlouper Lyndene 


 Puppy Dog  (3 entries 1 absent)

PD Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie


Puppy Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)

Image of Irish Wolfhound

1st    Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie (K Sharratt)
2nd   Bonaforte's Zippity Do  (CA Kelly) 

Junior Dog (4 entries 2 absent)

JD Gaelmarque Nomateus

1st  Gaelmarque Nomateus  (M Severn-Kumar)
2nd Brachan Giorno Di Natale (P Guntrip)

Yearling Dog (3 entries, 1 Absent)

YD Killoughery Ricochet

1st  Killoughery Ricochet (S Evans)
2nd Killoughery Rockafella (E Pantoja)

Novice Dog (4 entries, 0 Absent)

ND Cairnstorm Renegade

1st   Cairnstorm Renegade 
       (K Gregory & N Warwick)

2nd Killoughery Rockafella  (E Pantoja)

3rd  Wolfhouse Grizzly (J Timmins)
4th  Wolfhouse Godot (D & W Reeves)


Post Graduate Dog (2 entries, 0 Absent)

PGD Whiteorchard Ares

1st  Whiteorchard Ares (K Sharratt)
2nd Floydian Affric (J Hooper)

Junior Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)

JB Rainster Eilex among Hunacres

1st  Rainster Eilex among Hunacres (S Wilkinson)
2nd Brachan Neve Di Natale (C MacLeod


Yearling Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

YB Killoughery Redemption

1st  Killoughery Redemption (K Gregory)
2nd Rainster Eilex among Hunacres
       (S Wilkinson)
3rd  Hydebeck Ring of Roses (SE & PD Catlow)


Novice Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

NB Floydian Fionn

1st  Floydian Fionn (D Treadwell)
2nd Hydebeck Ring of Roses (SE & PD Catlow)
3rd  Brachan Neve Di Natale (P Guntrip)

Post Graduate Bitch (5 entries, 1 absent)

PGB Hydebeck Dream Of Lorelei At Laoiseach

1st  Hydebeck Dream Of Lorelei At Laoiseach           (E & P Catlow)
2nd Rainster Eilex among Hunacres 
       (S Wilkinson)

3rd  Killoughery Talia (KJ Bruce)
4th  Whiteorchid Adhara at Kilmacduagh
       (K & AE Campbell-Woodford)

Limit Dog (4 entries, 1 Absent)

LD Glengail Hhedwig

1st   Glengail Hhedwig ( S Bradley)
2nd  Gaelmarque Dark Horse at Finloren                    ( A Harpwood MBE)

3rd   Gaeltarra Eireann Watson (Taylor & Lynch)

Open Dog (3 entries, 2 Absent)

OD Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

1st Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn
     (F & G Dawson)

Veteran Dog (1 entry, 0 absent)

VD and BV Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard

1st Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard
      (W Heather)

Limit Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent)

LB Whiteorchard Aurora JW

1st   Whiteorchard Aurora JW (W Heather)
2nd  Kilmacduagh Aednat
        (K & AE Campbell-Woodford)


Open Bitch (5 entries, 3 absent)

BIS Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra

1st   Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra (W Heather)
2nd  Anstyarna Qué Cera Cera (S & A Gilbert)


Veteran Bitch  (3 entries, 1 absent)

VB Glengail Ggeraldene at Floydian

1st  Glengail Ggeraldene at Floydian
       (D Treadwell)

2nd  Yelxba Victoria SHCM (R Cramphorn)



Judge's Critique

Irish Wolfhound Society Open Show

Sunday 29th January 2023



It was an honour to judge the IWS open show and I thank the committee for inviting me. Thanks also to my stewards for keeping things running smoothly and of course the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to assess such a fabulous varied entry. There were a few conundrums and comprises but, then, that's all part of judging.

PUPPY DOG  3 entries, 1 absent

1st Sharratt Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie

Tall, well grown 9 month red brindle at the adolescent stage. Long strong arched neck on nicely set shoulders. Good depth of body for age, nicely angulated rear with good muscle. Correct feet. Best Puppy in Show

2nd Kelly. Bonaforte's Zippity Do

11 month wheaten. Happy boy determined to do his own thing despite the best efforts of his owner/handler. Lovely furnished head with dark eyes and well held ears. Good bone, pleasing topline and underline. Balanced outline but would prefer more angulation fore and aft. A little wayward on the move.

JUNIOR DOG 4 entries, 2 absent

1st Severn-kumar Gaelmarque Nomateus

17 month cream brindle. Lovely head with typical soft expression and neat rose ears. Lovely gentle sweep to the underline. Well angulated rear. Long stride and true movement going and coming.


2nd Guntrip. Brachan Giorno Di Natale

13 month red brindle at the coltish stage. Large masculine head with beautiful rose ears. Strong neck, ample forechest and good shoulder placement. Excellent harsh coat.

YEARLING DOG 3 entries 1 absent

1st Evans Killoughery Ricochet

20 month brindle, the rangier of these two litter mates. Long powerful neck, good depth and width of forechest. Presented a pleasing outline on the move showing power and length of stride.

2nd Pantoja. Killoughery Rockafella

Beautiful head, well laid shoulder with substantial forechest. Well boned and bodied. Moved easily and soundly.

NOVICE DOG  4 entries 0 absent

1st Gregory & Warwick. Cairnstorm Renegade

20 month cream brindle. Well furnished head with dark eyes giving lovely gentle expression. Strong arched neck, good shoulder placement, pleasing underline. Excellent feet, powerful easy mover.


2nd Pantoja. Killoughery Rockafella

POST GRADUATE 2 entries 0 absent

1st Sharratt Whiteorchid Ares

2yr old well bodied Wheaten with balanced outline. Furnished head with dark eyes. Deep chest, well ribbed with pleasing topline and gently sweeping underline.

2nd Hooper. Floydian Affric

2yr old brindle of lighter build than 1st, typical head with lovely small neat ears. Pleasing front assembly. Not as balanced in outline as first.

LIMIT DOG 4 entries 1 absent

1st Bradley Glengail Hhedwig

Imposing 2yr 6 months dark brindle. Strong neck leading to good shoulder. Good width of forechest. Shapely underline. Curvy muscled rear quarters. Neat feet. Res Best Dog

2nd Harpwood. Gaelmarque Dark Horse at Finloren

Nicely proportioned 3yr old brindle. Lovely head with beautiful rose ears. Long strong neck. Pleasing top and underline, crisp harsh coat. Expansive profile movement.

OPEN DOG 3 entries 2 absent

1st Dawson. Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

4 yr 6 months brindle.pleasing balanced shape. Typical furnished head with dark eyes and rose ears. Deep chest, well ribbed back, muscular curvy hindquarters. Moved out with purpose on a long stride. Best Dog & Res Best in Show

VETERAN DOG 1 entry 0 absent

1st Heather. Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard

Grand old gentleman of almost 8 years old. Lovely typical head, strong neck. Shapely balanced outline. Strong topline and broad curvy rear. Moved soundly with nice easy stride. Best Veteran


PUPPY BITCH 1 entry 1 absent

JUNIOR BITCH 3 entries1 absent

1st Wilkinson. Rainster Eilex among Hunacres

14 month red brindle, attractive head, lovely front construction with good return of upper arm. Well boned forelegs and deep chest. Correct top and underline, harsh coat, sound even stride.

2nd MacLeod. Brachan Neve Di Natale

13 month red brindle. Large sparsely furnished head with correct ear carriage, good length of neck, broad chest. Excellent harsh coat.

YEARLING BITCH 4 entries 1 absent

1st Gregory. Killoughery Redemption

Eye catching 20 month old. Beautifully furnished head with typical soft expression. Well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm. Balanced angulation, well muscled with strong sound movement. Res Best Bitch

2nd Rainster Eilex among Hunacres

NOVICE BITCH 4 entries,1 absent

1st Treadwell. Floydian Fionn

2yr 6 months old brindle with balanced outline. Pretty head with kind expression. Broad well filled forechest. Well held topline. Steady movement.

2nd Catlow. Hydebeck Ring of Roses

18 month wheaten. Appealing head with beautiful rose ears. Nice front construction, long neck, correct top and underline, pleasing rear quarters. Movement more settled in this class.

POST GRADUATE BITCH 5 entries 1 absent

1st Catlow. Hydebeck Dream of Lorelei at Laoiseach

4 yr old nicely proportioned cream girl with pretty feminine head, dark eyes and small rosed ears. Well boned and muscled with strong body. Well angulated rear. Tight feet and harsh coat. Sound steady movement.

2nd Rainster Eilex among Hunacres

LIMIT BITCH 4 entries 2 absent

1st Heather. Whiteorchard Aurora JW

2yr old brindle, Typically furnished head with well held rosed ears on long neck. Pleasing top and underline. Strong well ribbed body and curvy hindquarters. Good muscle tone, sound easy movement.

2nd Campbell Woodford Kilmacduagh Aednat

Nearly 6 yr old red brindle. Lovely head with excellent ears. Nicely muscled rear. Harsh coat. Moved soundly but not the stride or balance of 1st.

OPEN BITCH 5 entries 3 absent

1st Heather Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW

2yr old elegant brindle girl in good muscular condition. Prettily furnished head with kind expression. Pleasing front angulation. Well ribbed back with a lovely sweeping underline. Correct feet, harsh coat. Long striding easy movement. Best in Show

2nd Gilbert Anstyarna Qué Cera Cera

5yr old substantial dark brindle girl with a lovely shape. Appealing head with the softest expression. Deep chest, pleasing top and underline. Good feet. Sound easy movement. Just preferred the front construction of 1st

VETERAN BITCH 3 entries 1 absent

1st Treadwell. Glengail Ggeraldene at Floydian

8 yes old and still retaining her shapely underline. Lovely head with dark eyes, good shoulder placement. Correct topline and curvy hindquarters. Moved soundly.

2nd Cramphorn. Yelxba Victoria

8 yrs 4 month girl with typical gentle expression, correctly held ears. Strong neck. Well bodied with harsh coat, good feet. Moved out soundly. Just preferred the outline of 1st.


KIM Webb (Inkleyboys)

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