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Captain GA Graham and Colonel JR Garnier compiled List of Points in Order of Merit in 1885, together with the original Breed Standard (Standard of Excellence). These were ratified by the Kennel Club in 1886.

List of Points in Order of Merit

1)     Typical. The Irish Wolfhound should not be quite so heavy or massive as the Great Dane, but more              so than the Deerhound, which in general type he should otherwise resemble.

2)     Great size and commanding appearance.

3)     Movement easy and active.

4)     Head long and level, carried high.

5)     Forelegs heavily boned, quite straight, elbows well set under.

6)     Thighs long and muscular, second thighs well muscled, stifles slightly bent.

7)     Coat rough and hard, specially wiry and long over the eyes and under the jaw.

8)     Body long well ribbed up, with ribs well-sprung and great breadth across the hips.

9)     Loins arched, belly well drawn up.

10)   Ears small and greyhound-like in carriage.

11)   Feet moderately large and round, toes close, well arched.

12)   Neck long, well arched and very strong.

13)   Chest very deep, moderately broad.

14)   Shoulders muscular, set sloping.

15)   Tail long and slightly curved.

16)   Eyes dark.


The above in no way alters the "Standard of Excellence", which must in all cases be rigidly adhered to, they simply give the various points in order of merit.  If in any case they appear at variance with the Standard of Excellence, it is the latter which is correct.

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