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2019 Limited Show


Critique below results

Sunday 31 March 2019

The Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry CV8 3FL

Judge: Mrs Annica Gustavsson, Sweden (Furlongs)

Best in Show - Mrs & Mrs  A & C White & Anderson - Whitglen Talla

Best Opposite Sex - Mrs & Mrs A & C White & Anderson - Whitglen Leader 

Best Puppy - Mrs D Treadwell - Floydian Saratoga

Best in Show

Whitglen Talla

Best Bitch and Open Bitch.jpg

Best Opposite Sex

Whitglen Leader

Open & Best Dog Whitglen Lrader.jpg

Best Puppy in Show

Floydian Saratoga

Puppy Dog Floydian Saratoga.jpg

Dog Classes

Bitch Classes

Puppy Dog - 3, 1 Abs

Puppy Bitch - 4, 1 Abs

Puppy Dog Floydian Saratoga.jpg

1.  Mrs D Treadwell

     Floydian Saratoga

2. Mrs & Mr F & G Dawson

    Hydebeck Dream Tyme Of Graefyn

Puppy Bitch Clanlily Diamond Dust.jpg

1.  Ms C Stirling

     Clanlily Diamond Dust

2.  Ms K Gregory

     Braewisan Kallai At Killoughery

3.  Mr & Mrs P & S Catlow

     Hydebeck Dream Of Lorelei At Laoiseach

Junior Dog

Junior Bitch 2, 0 Abs

No Entries

JUnior Bitch Baronglen Miss Matilda.jpg

1.  Mr & Mrs P & P Pask

     Baronglen Miss Matilda

2. Mrs & Mr M & D Holder & Howe

    Sade Araya Mascotts

Novice Dog 1, 1 Abs

Edited Image 2018-04-01 14-52-03

Novice Bitch 3, 1 Abs

Novice Bitch Sade Araya Mascotts.jpg

1.  Mrs & Mr M & D Holder & Howe

     Sade Araya Mascotts

2. Mrs K Bruce

    Goldswift Leap Of Faith

Post Graduate Dog 5, 2 Abs

Post Graduate Bitch 3, 1 Abs

Post Graduate Dog Ballyphelan Asansol Am

1.  Dr & Miss P & S Das Purkayastha

     Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh

2.  Mrs S Dawson

     Austonley's Falcon At Shalico

3.  Ms K Gregory

     Barassay's Shooting Star At Killoughery

Post Graduate Bitch Goldswift DEstiny Of

1.  Mrs M Severn-Kumar

     Goldswift Destiny Of Gaelmarque

2. Mrs M Addington

    Wolfhouse Daviniah Of Wolverbrigg (Imp DNK)

Limit Dog 1, 0 Abs

Limit Bitch 3, 2 Abs

Limit Dog Goldswift Mission Possible For

1.  Miss K Webb

     Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleboys

Limit Bitch Clanlily Wishing On A Star.j

1.  Ms C Stirling

     Clanlily Wishing On A Star

Open Dog 3, 2 Abs

Open Bitch 5, 3 Abs

Open & Best Dog Whitglen Lrader.jpg
Best Bitch and Open Bitch.jpg


1.  Mrs & Mrs A & C White & Anderson

     Whitglen Leader

1.  Mrs & Mrs A & C White & Anderson

     Whitglen Talla

2. Ms C Stirling

    Clanlilly Million Dollar Gem

Limited Show 2019 Critique


Puppy Dog.

1. Floydian Saratoga:

Excellent dog puppy! Excellent conformation, very well developed for age, lovely mover, promising puppy! Best Puppy

2. Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn:

A bit rangy dog puppy, still need to grow into himself, but should mature nicely.


Post Graduate Dog

1. Ballyphelan Asansol at Among Neckrebagh: Reserve Best Dog

Big strong boy, well put together, Nice shape, moves freely.

2. Astonley's Falcon at Shalico:

Very nice wheaten dog, nice curves, very nice outline, not moving out today. 

3. Barrassy's Shooting Star at Killoughery:

Looks a bit heavy today, a little weak in top-line but a very nice dog overall.


Limit Dog.

1. Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleboys:

Nice dog in good condition, strong, lovely fore chest, moves with ease. 


Open Dog.

1. Whitglen Leader:

Lovely dog, big and strong, excellent shoulder placement and lovely fore chest, balanced angles, moves easy and freely. Best Dog. BOS


Puppy Bitch.

1. Clanlilly Diamond Dust:

Promising puppy, a bit rangy today, lovely type, beautiful head and expression, nicely angulated, good mover. Best Bitch Puppy

2. Braewisan Kalial At Killoughery:

Baby puppy, lovely type with good angles, easy and free mover.

3. Hydebeck Dream of Lorelei at Laoiseach:

Not so cooperative on the day, lovely type, good head and expression.


Junior Bitch.

1. Baronglen Miss Matilda:

Excellent young bitch, well bodied, beautiful head and kind expression, well angled rear, a bit straight in front, moves without effort, in excellent condition! Reserve Best Bitch

2. Sade Araya at Mascotts:

Another excellent bitch of lovely type, excellent construction, nicely angulated front and rear, not the mover of first.


Novice Bitch.

1. Sade Arya at Mascotts

2: Goldswift Leap of Faith:

Not quite the quality of one but a nice bitch overall.


Post Graduate Bitch.

1.Goldswift Destiny of Gaelmarque:

Lovely bitch, quality all over, sound and an excellent mover.

2. Wolfhouse Davinia of Wolvebrigg:

A lovely bitch, not too happy on the day, but overall a very nice bitch.


Limit Bitch.

1. Clanlilly Wishing on a Star:

 Old fashioned big girl, lovely type, beautiful head and smooth expression,  

big and strong and a nice mover.


Open Bitch.

1. Whitglen Talla:

Gorgeous bitch, high quality, excellent head with smooth expression, well laid shoulder, lovely fore chest, balanced angulated front and rear, flowing on the move. Best Bitch, BIS 

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