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2023 Limited Show Results

Held on Sunday 26th March 2023
The Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on Dunsmore, Coventry.
Judge - Alex Paisey 

Critique is below results

Best in Show               

Reserve Best in Show

Best Puppy in Show     

Reserve Best Bitch


Reserve Best Dog          

Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn 

Rainster Tatiana

Killoughrey Mission Two for Inkleyboys

Killoughrey Mission Lorelei at Laoiseach

Killoughrey Rockafella    

Mrs F and Mr G Dawson

Mr D  and Mrs D Redfern

Miss K Webb & Mrs CE Sheppard

Mrs E & Mr P Catlow

Miss E Pantoja

Best in Show
Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

Irish Wolfhound Society Open Dog winner BIS Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

Reserve Best in Show
Rainster Tatiana

Irish Wolfhound Society  Open Bitch, BB, RBIS Rainstet Tatiana

Best Puppy in Show
Killoughrey Mission Two for Inkleyboys

Irish Wolfhound Society Best Puppy in Show Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys

Best in Show, Reserve Best
in Show, Best Puppy in Show

Irish Wolfhound Society 2023 Limited Show winners BIS RBIS BPIS


 Puppy Dog  (3 entries 1 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society  BPD BPIS Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys

1st    Killoughrey Mission Two for Inkleyboys
        (K Webb and CE Sheppard)

2nd   Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie 
         (K Sharratt) 

Junior Dog (2 entries 0 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Junior Dog Rainster Euan at Kirkcarswell

1st  Rainster Euan at Kirkcarswell  
       (A & J Donaldson)

2nd  Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie (K Sharratt)

Novice Dog (2 entries, 1 Absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Novice Dog Killoughery Rockafella

1st   Killoughrey Rockafella (E Pantoja)   

Post Graduate Dog (6 entries, 2 Absent)

ND Killoughery Rockafella

1st  Killoughrey Rockafella (E Pantoja)
2nd Gaelmarque Quintus (ML Severn-Kumar)
3rd  Whiteorchard Ares (K Sharratt)
4th  Floydian Affric (J Hooper)

Limit Dog (0 entries)

Irish Wolfhound image


Puppy Bitch (1 entry, 0 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society  PB BP Rysheron's Hope for Clanlilly

1st  Rysheron's American Hope for Clanlilly
       (C Stirling)

Junior Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Junior Bitch Rainster Elix among Hunacres

1st  Rainster Eilex among Hunacres
      (S Wilkinson)

2nd Rainster Evie (A Crosse)

Novice Bitch (2 entries, 1 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Novice Bitch Hydebeck Ring of Roses

1st  Hydebeck Ring of Roses
      (SE & PD Catlow)

Post Graduate Bitch (1 entry, 0 absent)

PGB RBB Hydebeck Dream of Lorelei at Laoiseach

1st  Hydebeck Dream Of Lorelei At Laoiseach           (E & P Catlow)

Limit Bitch (2 entries, 0 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Clanlilly Diamond Dust

1st   Clanlilly Diamond Dust (C Stirling)
2nd  Yelxba Bonnie (R Cramphorn)


Open Dog (1 entry, 0 Absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society Open Dog BIS Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn

1st Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn
     (F & G Dawson)

Open Bitch (2 entries, 1 absent)

Irish Wolfhound Society  Open Bitch, BB, RBIS Rainster Tatiana

1st   Rainster Tatiana (D & D Redfern)

Show manager Ann D presenting Alex Paisey with gift

Show Manager, Ann Donaldson presenting a gift to Show Judge, Alex Paisey.



Judge's Critique

Irish Wolfhound Society Limited Show

Sunday 26th March 2023


Thank you ever so much to the Irish Wolfhound Society for this lovely appointment. For me it is an honour for any judge to be invited to judge a club show, with wolfhounds being very close to my heart. There was a lovely atmosphere around the ring, with plenty of support and encouragement for winners. Thank you to the exhibitors for entering their wonderful hounds and their sporting nature, especially with most having already exhibited in the morning at the Houndshow. Thank you to the stewards for keeping our ring running smoothly.

Puppy Dog 3 entries, 1absent

1st Webb & Sheppards's - Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys -  Fawn 9 month old puppy dog, in proportion and showing potential. The naughtiest of expressions but remaining masculine. Dark mask, good shape to his head, lovely dark eyes, and ears with an ok fold. Good neck length to a nice lay of shoulder, straight front with good rib length. Good shape to his rear quarters also. Enthusiastic movement, however once settled looked in profile showing potential.

2nd Sharratt's - Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie – Dark brindle 11month old boy of great size and stature, although going through his ‘leggy’ phase at the moment, good substance throughout. Pleasant masculine head, nice neck length. Good lay of shoulder providing reach for his straight front. Good shape to his ribs and tuck up. Nice strength of loin, leading to an ok rear. Showed good movement here today, covering the ground well.

Junior Dog 2 entries, 0 absent

1st Donaldson & Smallwood Rainster Euan at Kirkarswell – Smart 16month old masculine dog, darker coat and good texture, masculine and in proportion. Liked his head and expression, strong neck of good length. Nice lay of shoulder, and depth of chest. Ribs of good length with a good tuck up. Strong loin and well put together rear quarters. Drove out nicely with width, showing good balance in profile.

2nd Sharratt Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie – See 2nd in Puppy

Novice Dog 2 entries, 1absent

1st & Reserve Best Dog – Pantoja’s Killoughery Rockafella -  Having previously judged this boy when he was younger I was interested to see his development. He has matured and filled out as hoped. Lighter brindle in colour. Excellent substance, with muscle to match and well presented. Masculine head, with pleasing expression ears with an ok fold. Strong neck of good length. Good lay of shoulder providing good reach, super forechest and chest depth, ribs of good length and tuck up to match. Strong loin and strong rear. Moved out well, showing good reach in particular.

Post Grad Dog 6 entries,2 absent

1st Killoughery Rockafella – See Novice dog

2nd Severn Kumar Gaelmarque Quintus – Another dog with good masculine features, good strength and substance throughout. Lighter brindle and good texture to his coat. Lovely dark eye, nice fold to his ear. Good length to his neck, and an ok front assembly, straight front, and good feet. Chest in proportion and of length. Well muscled throughout. Moved well in profile. Will be interested to see him mature.

Open Dog 1 entry

Best Dog and BIS - Dawson Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn -  Fully developed mature dog, he exuded masculinity and ticket a lot of boxes, in particular strength, substance and size. Dark dog, with a handsome head, dark eyes, and a nice fold to his ear. Good strength of neck and of length. Good lay of shoulder, accompanied by a depth of chest, and width. Good length to his ribs, a nice topline. Well constructed rear and low set hocks, with good shape to his feet. Drove out and well and was true. Balanced in profiled with a good stride.

Puppy Bitch 1 entry, 0 Absent

1st Stirling’s - Rysheron's American Hope for Clanlily – 6 months and 1 week, and a baby, but full of confidence, taking everything in her stride. Femininity throughout. Dark in colour, with a pleasant expression still with her puppy furnishings. In proportion for her age. Good length of neck, and lay of shoulder. Straight front with a nice shape to her ribs and of good length. Well put together rear. Pretty loose at this moment in time, but covered the ground well with drive.

Junior Bitch 3 entries, 1 absent

1st - Wilkinson Rainster Eilex among Hunacres – Fawn/Brindle 16month old bitch of bitch of good size and proportions, good substance throughout and a harsh coat upon inspection. Gentle expression with her furnishings changing. Dark eye and good ear set, and a good shape to her skull. Long strong neck, leading to a nice lay of shoulder. Straight front and good feet. Well ribbed, a good shape with a nice tuck up. Nicely made rear, low hocks, muscle coming on. Once settled could see good movement.

2nd Crosse. Rainster Evie – Darker brindle bitch of bitch of equal size and proportions, with a nice coat. Feminine expression, a nice dark eye and super ears to compliment. Good substance for her size. Good strength to her neck to a well made straight front. Suitable chest depth and ribs of good length. Well muscled throughout. Good width throughout, and covered the ground well in profile. Think a different venue may have seen a different dog on the move.

Novice Bitch 2 entries,  1 absent

1st Catlow Hydebeck Ring of Roses – Fawn bitch, 20months. Making that transition from Junior to adult, so still a touch rangey but well put together none the less. Nice head of good proportions, with a  good fold of ear. Nice neck length and shoulder, straight front and good feet. Good width of chest, Good ribbing and of good length, nice topline also. Well made rear, and drove well.

Post Grad Bitch 1 entry, 0 absent

1st & Reserve Best Bitch – Catlow’s Hydebeck Dream of Lorelei at Laoiseach – Striking bitch light fawn in colour. In proportion. Of good height, length, and pleasant overall outline. Nice head of good shape, dark eye and a good ear. Super neck length, strong, and leading to well made front assembly. Good substance to her throughout. Straight front, with good feet. Good shape her ribs, nice and deep, and good length. Good topline and underline. Well made rear assembly with good muscle. Covered the ground well on the move. Really pushed hard for top honours today. 

Limit Bitch 2 entries, 0 absent

1st Stirling Clanlily Diamond Dust – Upstanding and shapely bitch, grey with lighter grey furnishings. Of good height, with lovely head and expression, excellent ears. Good strong neck leading a nice lay of shoulder. Straight front and well shaped feet. Good width to chest, nice shape to her ribs, and of good length. Super tuck up and topline, strong loin. Nicely put together rear quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved out with width and with an active profile movement.

2nd Cramphorn Yelxba Bonnie – Dark bitch of good substance. Upon inspection she had a soft expression, and an ok ear set. Strong Neck, leading to an ok shoulder. Nice depth of chest. Good shape to her rear quarters. Not sure she was totally comfortable with the venue.

Open Bitch 2 entries, 1absent

1st Best Bitch Reserve Best in Show Redferns' Rainster Tatiana.  2 year old light brindle bitch of good size and substance, again what I was looking for. Super head of nice proportions, dark and good ear shape and set. Strong neck, leading to a well made and muscled front. Straight front and good feet. Deep chested, nice and wide giving plenty of heart room. Well shaped ribs and of good length. Good tuck up, and a nice arch to her loin. Strong rear quarters, nice bend of stifle, and low hocks. Drove out with good width and true. Balanced in profile, easy movement showing good reach and drive.


Alex Paisey


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