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2023 Championship Show Results

Held on Sunday 24th September 2023
The Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on Dunsmore, Coventry.
Judge - Rebecca Peek (Milkwood)

Critique is below results.

All photographs were taken by Tony Minett

Best in Show               

Reserve Best in Show

Best Veteran in Show


Best Puppy in Show 


Dog CC


Bitch CC  

Reserve Dog CC

Reserve Bitch CC          

Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift

Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW

Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleyboys

Caredig Maffioso


Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleyboys

Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift

Ch Gaelmarque Russet Roman 

Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW


Mrs C and Dr C Sheppard

Miss W Heather

Miss K Webb

Mrs D Tebbutt

Miss K Webb

Mrs C and Dr C Sheppard

Mrs M Severn-Kumar

Miss W Heather


Best in Show
Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift

BIS Ch Gaelmarque treasured by Goldswift.jpg

Reserve Best in Show
Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW

Res Bitch CC res Best in Show Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW.jpg

Best Puppy in Show
Caredig Maffioso

Best Puppy in SHow Caredig Maffioso.jpg

Best Veteran in Show
Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys

Best Veteran, Docc CC Best Opp sex Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkelyboys.jpg
Trophies awarded

Cu-Uladh Shield         

Clonara Cup

Friedham Dutzi Cup

Bath and West Cup

Ouborough Cup

Fincorrie Cup

The Corniman Salver

Kilrein Portrait

Sanctuary Rose Bowl

Penstraze Rose Bowl

Ouborough Cup

Silver Salver

Fincorrie Cup

Penstraze Trophy


Fincorrie Cup


Cu-Uladh Shield

Caredig Trophy

Gordon Crane Movement Trophy       

Best in Show

Best in Show

Reserve Best in Show

Best Puppy in Show

Best Opposite Sex

Best Veteran

Best Veteran 

Best Open

Best Limit

Best Post Graduate

Best Junior

Yearling Dog and Bitch

Best Novice

Best Opposite Sex Post Graduate

Best Opposite Sex Junior

Best Opposite Sex Novice

Best Opposite Sex Puppy

Best Bred by Exhibitor

Best Brace

Best Movement


Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift

Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift

Ch Witheorchard Ad Astra JW

Caredig Maffioso

Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys

Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys

Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys

Whiteorchard Arcturus

Killoughery Redemption

Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum

Sade Prelude

Rainster Eilix among Hunacres

Killoughery Rhapsody

Creena Harper at Dukesarum

Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys

Killoughery Rockafella

Francistown Bonnie

Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW

Tebbutt's Brace

Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift



 Minor Puppy Dog  (2 entries 2 absent)


1st    N/A

 Puppy Dog  (5 entries 1 absent)

02 Puppy Dog Caredig Maffioso amended.jpg

1st    Caredig Maffioso
         (D Tebbutt)

2nd   Francistown Billy 
         (J Sales) 
Francistown Berty
         (R & R Walters)
Conmeryl Joshua Jopp
         (J Littlefair)

Junior Dog (5 entries 0 absent)

03 and 04 Killoughery Mission two for Inkelyboys amended.jpg

1st    Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys  
         (K Webb and C Sheppard)

2nd   Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie 
         (K Sharratt)

3rd    Killoughery Maestro

         (C Bradford)
Res   Lynelouper Lamshaw's Fancy 
         (J Say)
VHC Conmeryl Joshua Jopp
         (J Littlefair

Yearling Dog (3 entries, 1 Absent)

03 and 04 Killoughery Mission two for Inkelyboys amended.jpg

1st   Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys              (K Webb and C Sheppard)
2nd  Brachan Giorno Di Natale
        (PA Guntrip)   


Novice Dog (3 entries, 0 Absent)

05 Novice Dog Killoughery Rockafella amended.jpg

1st    Killoughrey Rockafella
         (E Pantoja)
2nd   Rainster Explorer          
         (D & D Redfern)

3rd    Wolfhouse Grizzly          
         (J Timmins)


Post Graduate Dog (6 entries, 1 absent)

06 PG Dog Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum amended.jpg

1st    Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum
         (T Sumner)
2nd   Rainster Explorer
         (D & D Redfern)
3rd    Killoughrey Ricochet with Braewisan
         (S Evans)
Res   Whiteorchard Ares
         (K Sharratt)
VHC Hydebeck Golden Gift for Draymorr
         (D Morris)


Minor Puppy Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent)

11 Minor Puppy Bitch Dukesarum Tallulah amended.jpg

1st    Dukesarum Tallulah
         (T Sumner)
2nd  Dukesarum Evie
(T Sumner)

Puppy Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)

12 puppy Bitch Francistown Bonnie.jpg

1st    Francistown Bonnie
         (J Sales)
2nd   Caredig Medici
         (D Tebbutt)
3rd    Dukesarum Tallulah
         (T Sumner)
Res   Dukesarum Evie
         (T Sumner)


Junior Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)

13 Junior Bitch Sade Prelude.jpg

1st    Sade Prelude
         (C & J Amoo)

2nd  Malinkey's Angelica
         (M Lyons)
3rd   Rysheron's American Hope for Clanlily
         (C Stirling)
Res   Lynelouper Little Shiels 
         (J Say)

Yearling Bitch (7 entries, 3 absent)

14 Yearling Bitch Rainster Eilix among Hunacres.jpg

1st    Rainster Eilex among Hunacres
         (S Wilkinson)
2nd   Malinkey's Angelica
         (M Lyons)
3rd    Brachan Neve Di Natale
         (C MacLeod)
Res   Banshee Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft
         (S Forret)


Novice Bitch (2 entries, 1 absent)

15 Novice Bitch Killoughery Rhapsody.jpg

1st   Killoughery Rhapsody
        (K Gregory & S Evans)

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

16 Post Grad BBitch Creena Harper at Dukesarum.jpg

1st    Creena Harper at Dukesarum 
         (T Sumner)

2nd   Rainster Eilex among Hunacres
         (S Wilkinson)
3rd    Killoughrey Talia
         (K Bruce)


Limit Dog (7 entries, 2 Absent)

07 WHitglen The Real Thing amended.jpg

1st    Whitglen The Real Thing
         (A White and C Anderson)
2nd   Sade Melchior
         (C & J Amoo)

3rd   Baronglen The Nobleman JW
         (P & P Pask)
Res   Cairnstorm Renegade
         (K Gregory and N Warwick)
VHC Gaelmarque Nomateus
         (M Severn-Kumar)


Limit Bitch (7 entries, 2 absent)

17 Limit Bitch Killoughery Redemption.jpg

1st    Killoughrey Redemption 
         (K Gregory)
2nd  Floydian Fionn

         (D Treadwell)
3rd   Whiteorchard Aurora
         (W Heather)
Res   Clanlily Diamond Dust

         (C Stirling)
 Valkiria Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft
         (S Forret)  


Open Dog (3 entries, 0 Absent)

08 Open Dog Whiteorchard Arcturus amended.jpg

1st    Whiteorchard Arcturus
         (D & W Reeves)
2nd   Gaelmarque Quintus       
         (M Severn-Kumar)
3rd   Glengail Hhedwig
         (S Bradley)


Veteran Dog (4 entries, 1 Absent)

09 Veteran Dog Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys amended.jpg

Open Bitch (6 entries, 3 absent)

18 Open Bitch Cairnstorm Resolution.jpg

1st   Cairnstorm Resolution
        (M Wallis)
2nd  Brachan Wolf Moon
        (C MacLeod)
3rd  Gaelmarque Ethel Dreda
        (M Severn-Kumar)


Veteran Bitch (9 entries, 3 absent)

19 veteran Bitch Ch Whitorcahrd Nebula.jpg

1st    Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys              (K Webb)
2nd  Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard
         (W Heather)
3rd   Barachois Paperback Writer
         (J Hooper)


Champion Dog (1 entry, 0 Absent)

10 Ch Gaelmarque Russet Roman amended.jpg

1st    Ch Gaelmarque Russet Roman
         (M Severn-Kumar)


Brace (9 entries, 3 Absent)

1st    Ch Whiteorchard Nebula
         (W Heather)
2nd   Goldswift Bronntannas to Cairnstorm
         (N Warwick)
3rd    Goldswift Leap of Faith
         (K Bruce)
Res   Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian
         (D Treadwell)
VHC  Goldswift Inyourdreams
         (J Littlefair)


Champion Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

20 Champion Bitch Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift.jpg

1st   Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift
        (C & C Sheppard)
2nd  Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra
 (W Heather)
3rd   Ch Sade Araya Mascotts JW
        (M Holder & D Howe)


1st    Tebbutt's Brace
         (D Tebbutt)           
2nd   Gregory's Brace

         (K Gregory)
3rd    Heather's Brace (1)
         (W Heather)

Res   Bruce's Brace
         (K Bruce)
VHC  Heather's Brace (2)
         (W Heather)


Judge's Critique

Irish Wolfhound Society Championship Show

Sunday 24th September 2023

At last! Having first been scheduled to judge this show in 2020 when Covid hit, it’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait, what a lovely entry!

It comprised a different mix of dogs than we’ve been seeing recently in the breed ring, which is always exciting. There were several I’ve been aware over the last couple of years and it was lovely to be able to get hands on and assess them for myself, but there were also new faces and new dogs, which is encouraging for the breed and future shows.

Overall I found the entry very pleasing and full of quality hounds at different stages of development. Inevitably there are always some challenging decisions to be made and several dogs will swap places on another day and there are some exciting young hounds coming along that I’m sure won’t be waiting in the wings for long.

My usual bugbear when judging is about dogs carrying too much weight which can spoil an otherwise well put together dog by changing the shape and outline and also affect movement. I’m looking for an athletic, well built and powerful hound with the grace, elegance and proportions of a sighthound and excess weight doesn’t replace the bone, substance and muscular condition needed to meet this. Happily, this time I only found a few that were carrying too much weight and on the whole many of the hounds were in good shape.

My other bugbear is short upper arms and upright pasterns, both of which I would like to see less of in the breed. Pasterns are the shock absorber for the foreleg and require a degree of angulation to fulfil this very important function. Unfortunately I have heard some people describe what I would consider correct pastern angulation as ‘slack’ and whilst slackness is a fault, it is not the correct description for a normal, working pastern. Upright pasterns, combined with a straight upper arm cause choppy, jarring forehand action and present a very ‘proppy’ forehand picture on the stack. And whilst a well muscled dog is usually a pleasure to go over, the short, straight upper arm often presents with short hard muscle that creates a stuffy and muscle-bound picture.

Dentition on the whole was good, with a few discoloured canine teeth and some less than perfect incisors, but as long as the canines are in the right place for a correct bite, this doesn’t worry me. However, there were a few adult dogs that had a single misplaced lower canine that was very out of alignment and therefore not a correct bite. Whilst it is only one aspect of the dog, misplaced lower canines are the Breed Watch point that the RKC asks judges to report on and I found it hard to overlook and those dogs were not placed as highly as they might otherwise have been.

It is never easy to make these decisions and penalising a fault at the risk of throwing the baby out with bathwater is an age old debate that will continue to run, but for me judging is a responsibility and whilst we are rewarding dogs that we consider good ambassadors for the breed in the showring, we are also influencing what may well be bred on from in the future. Judging is very subjective and my decisions may well be overlooked by other judges.

I was delighted to be able to reward all my top winners from a very competitive entry and my BIS Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW topped a stellar line up of both dogs and bitches. In her I found the tall, athletic and powerful frame with long limbs and good bone that I was looking for in a large galloping hound combined with the grace, elegance and flowing lines of the sighthound. An exciting young hound that has more to come, I’m sure.

Thank you to the IWS for inviting me to judge such a prestigious show and special thanks to my stewards Peter Williams and Elaine Bogart – not only did you manage my day exceptionally, you made it a lot of fun as well!

And thank you especially to all the exhibitors for giving me such a good entry - it was a pleasure and an honour.

MINOR PUPPY DOG 2 entries 2 absent

PUPPY DOG 5 entries 1 absent

1st Tebbutt’s Caredig Maffioso - Best Puppy in Show – Lovely well grown 10.5 months dark brindle, well off for bone. Lovely overall size, shape, width and depth with good leg length and angulation all through. Nice head, would prefertighter ears. Well muscled all through already, plenty of rise over loin, with much to grow into, rising a bit bum high and looking a little steep in croup on the day, but room for growth. Well produced and presented. Moved well with plenty of scope.

2nd Sales’ Francistown Billy – Tall, well made 9 month standing over a lot of ground, needs to fill frame, but presents a balanced outline on the stack. Good head but would like neater ears, good reach of neck, well angled fore and aft, nice for type. Good topline and underline, moved out well.

3rd Walters’ Francistown Berty – 9 month light grey brindle, litter brother to 2nd and a very tall and over-enthusiastic youngster. Very leggy at this stage and needs to grow into his frame and fill through the front, profile movement ok when settled into stride, but needs to fill out and tighten up coming towards.

JUNIOR DOG 5 entries 0 absent

1st Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys – 15 month wheaten brindle, built on a smaller frame all through. Sweet character with a lovely head and expression. Well balanced outline, presented in good muscular condition and stacks himself well, good ratios, depth and width all through in proportion to his frame. A sound, honest dog. Moved out well in profile and is true on the up and down when he works with his handler. Ideally I’d like more of him all through.

2nd Sharrat’s Lynelouper Lynedene Laddie – Very tall, long legged grey brindle of 16 months with a very large frame that will take a lot of time to fill and settle into, but what is there is very promising. In profile he stacks up well with good angulation fore and aft, good depth through the chest, but needs more width all through, but that should come with maturity. Plain head, but correct sighthound proportions, neat ears, lovely length of neck, good coat and bone.

3rd Bradford’s Killoughery Maestro – First time for both owner and handler and I have to say, well done to them both, they did a good job! Lovely grey brindle 15 months, sweet temperament, litter brother to 1st but built on a larger frame. Nice balanced outline, lovely profile action, both handler and dog need to learn the ropes to get the best out of their performance, but well worth persevering.

YEARLING DOG 3 entries 1 absent

1st Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys – see above

2nd Guntrip’s Brachan Giorno Di Natale – There is a lot to like about this well grown 21 months grey brindle. He has a bigger frame and stands over a lot of ground with plenty of bone. Good height, depth and width all through, with good leg length. I prefer him for overall size and shape, but at the moment, being a bigger frame, he still has a lot of growing and settling to do. Moved out well in profile, but needs to settle on the up and down and was fighting his handler and paddling in front.


NOVICE DOG 3 entries 0 absent

Hard class, could have placed them all around the other way and sure they will swap places.

1st Pantoja’s Killoughery Rockefella – 2 year old, well grown, well conditioned youngster, maturing well, but carrying a tad too much weight for me which rolls on the move. Overall balanced shape, but would prefer the rise over the loin to start a little further back and actually over the loin, but overall presents a pleasing outline and good type. Nice head with neat ears. Good depth and width all through and has width through the stifle and is one with good pastern angulation, which is used to good advantage on the move, sound and true. Honest and workmanlike.

2nd Redfern’s Rainster Explorer – This is a lovely tall, shapely grey brindle standing over a lot of ground, with good bone and lovely long limbs. At 22 months he is still very raw, needing time to fill more throughout and settle into this large frame, but I really like him for type. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, good angulation fore and aft, would really like a bit more bottom on him to balance his front end, but good depth throughout. Lovely expansive profile action, with a ground covering stride, just needs to settle down more as he was running away with his handler and dropping through his topline as he drove from behind.

3rd Timmins’ Wolfhouse Grizzly – This shapely 3 year old is built on a smaller frame, but is very well made with plenty of depth and width throughout and balanced angulation. He maintains his height to length ratios and has good leg length and is lovely for breed type. Presented in excellent muscular condition and moving out so soundly and true in all directions. Beautifully handled and presented, I’d just like more of him.


POST GRADUATE DOG  6 entries 1 absent

1st Sumner's Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum (AI Imp Aus) – Impressive 2 yr black male with beautiful overall type, shape, height and length ratios. Lovely movement all round with lovely bone and long limbs and good ground covering stride – Good angulation fore and aft and plenty of width through the stifle and, pleasingly, through the pelvis. Plenty of depth and width. An exciting young stallion male that was in serious contention in the challenge and one that I have no doubt will not be waiting in the wings much longer.

2nd Redfern’s Rainster Explorer – See above

3rd Evans’ Killoughery Ricochet with Braewisan – Pleasing 2 yr old grey brindle, built on a lighter frame and looking less mature all through at the moment . Overall nice for type, presenting a balanced and shapely picture, but I’d like to see more length and angulation through the pasterns. Moved out on a light and easy gait.

LIMIT DOG  7 entries 2 absent

Challenging class of two year olds, I’m sure my first three will change places on other days.

1st White & Anderson’s Whitglen The Real Thing – I like this young black brindle of 2 yrs reminding me more of a young colt than a stallion - very full of himself and still very immature in his brain! Lovely for type, good size, shape and balance with nice long limbs and good lines all through. Good reach of neck into good topline, nice rise over the loin, good angulation fore and aft, good depth and width, ribbed well back, short coupled, looking a bit steep through the croup, well let down hocks, free and easy mover with a ground covering stride and good extension, just prone to flying his tail when he gets over enthusiastic. Can become over extended on the stack when reaching for a titbit and self stacks better. Another one that still needs time to finish but is waiting in the wings.

2nd Amoo’s Sade Melchior (AI) – Upstanding stallion black brindle male of 2.5 years with great ring presence and turned out to perfection. Overall presents a pleasing picture of good size, type, shape and balance with good bone, standing over a lot of ground. Strong sighthound head of good proportions, strong reach of neck into good withers and topline, good depth and width all through, Presented in excellent condition, he is well muscled all through and feels very strong under the hand. An easy and active mover with a light, ground covering stride.

3rd Pask’s Baronglen The Nobleman JW (AI) – Another 2 yr old black brindle stallion male. Very tall, well built and standing over a lot of ground, looking very mature with a lot to recommend him. In good condition with good depth and width all through. Good rear angulation, used to advantage on the move. Would prefer more length and layback to both upper arm and pastern angulation to balance. Nice type.


OPEN DOG  3 entries 0 absent

1st Reeves’ Whiteorchard Arcturus – Hard to ignore this already very mature, well grown, rising 3 yr old brindle of lovely type and proportions, with good angulation all through. Lovely head and expression, good reach of strong neck into well laid shoulder. Good depth and width all through, well off for bone, he is super on the move, sound, easy and active with plenty of reach and drive in profile and sound and true going and coming. Another in serious contention in the challenge, but is carrying a little too much weight, which detracts from his presentation on the stack in the final consideration.

2nd Severn-Kumar’s Gaelmarque Quintus – Honest, well made young hound, just turned 2. He has a smaller, finer frame standing over less ground, but is nonetheless a good overall shape and balance with good proportions all through. Has good profile action and covers the ground easily, I would just like more of him.

3rd Bradley’s Glengail Hhedwig – I liked this 4 year old for type and overall frame, shape and length of leg, but wanted more length and layback through the upper arm and more pastern angulation.


VETERAN DOG  4 entries 1 absent

Lovely to see these three veteran males all on good form, but the first and second were on great form today and it has to be said, out-moved several of the younger hounds.

1st Webb’s Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys - DCC and Best Opp Sex in Show, Best Veteran – I have competed against this hound many times over the last few years and we have regularly swapped places, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to go over him. He has caught my eye in the ring on many occasions and today he was on top form and didn’t disappoint. Just turned 7 he has yet to start showing any signs of slowing down. Lovely for type, well constructed all through, with good overall size, shape, outline and balance. Sweet head and expression, good reach of neck into lovely forehand construction and topline, good depth and width all through, strong quarters with well let down hocks and plenty of width through the stifle. In excellent condition, he was handled and presented beautifully and moved out on a super ground covering stride with energy and drive and was true and sound on the up and down. I really like this boy, a well deserved CC winner for me, his second - I hope he gets that all important third, but even if he doesn’t he has still made his mark on the breed through his progeny.

2nd Heather’s Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard VW – A worthy champion still on good form and I think it’s important to note those last two letters to his title, VW - he is the first IW to gain his Veteran’s Warrant, which is well deserved and he’s been a great ambassador for the breed over the last two year. Today at 8.5 just had to give way to the younger winner, but both dogs were moving better than several other males here on the day. I called him back in for the challenge for RCC but by then he had just gone off the boil and wasn’t moving with the same drive and energy, but his tail never stopped wagging. A beautiful, well constructed hound that is a credit to his owner and breeder.

3rd Hooper’s Barachois Paperback Writer – Another 7 year old, lovely for type, with good head and expression and the neatest of ears. Tall and houndy, with lovely long limbs standing over a lot of ground, a credit to his owner.


CHAMPION DOG  1 entries 0 absent

1st Severn-Kumar’s Ch Gaelmarque Russet Roman - Res CC – Another hound that I really like for his type and qualities. I see that he is son of my DCC winner and sire of the BCC/BIS winner, so it’s little wonder I like what I see in him. Another that is lovely for size and shape, standing over plenty of ground with good leg length, well muscled and not carrying spare weight, a very athletic frame and make without exaggeration. At 3, rising 4 years, he is in his prime. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, good forehand and forechest, good depth and width all through, well ribbed back, balanced angulation, would prefer a little more rise over the loin, but croup and tail set are good. Lovely on the move in all directions, easy and active with plenty of reach and drive.


MINOR PUPPY BITCH  4 entries 2 absent

Two 8 month litter sisters at their first show - two very promising and quality puppies with delightful temperaments.

1st Sumner’s Dukesarum Tallulah – Super, typey, black brindle baby, very tall and houndy with long legs and flowing, rangy lines. Lovely head and expression, neat ears, lovely length of neck into super topline. Not the length of bone and angulation of her sister, but still well angulated and balanced throughout and more up together on the move. Good depth and width already and lovely overall proportions. Nice light and easy gait.

2nd Sumner’s Dukesarum Evie – Slightly taller red brindle sister standing over more ground at this stage, with longer limbs and plenty of bone and angulations. Not looking as balanced at this stage, but understandable when she has shot up and has so much more to grow into and hold together. Super for type again and lovely overall shape, with good head and expression and neat ears. Very enthusiastic on the move, with a long stride, but less collected and needs to settle a bit to bring those long legs under control!


PUPPY BITCH 6 entries 1 absent 1 withdrawn

Lovely class with two more top drawer quality puppies coming in first and second that I’m sure will swap places in the future.

1st Sales’ Francistown Bonnie – Best Puppy Bitch – Lovely 10 month black brindle. Tall, long-legged with a large, well-boned frame standing over a lot of ground. Shapely and balanced in outline, with flowing lines. Sweet head and expression with a dark eye, would like neater ears. Good reach of neck into lovely topline, good depth and width all through, ribbed well back with lovely underline into good tuck-up, good angulation all through, with good length of femur and width through stifle. Lovely scopey action on the move.

2nd Tebbutt’s Caredig Medici – Eye-catching, 10 month red brindle. Shorter and more compact, with leg length more of a 1:1 ratio at the moment and with all the good angulation that you would expect from that. That said she is not small or light in frame and has great presence and quality, with plenty of bone to grow into. Lovely lines all through with good depth and width and well ribbed back. Very sound and up together on the move, she strikes out on a strong and extended gait with plenty of drive from the hocks.

3rd Sumner’s Dukesarum Tallulah – See above


JUNIOR BITCH  4 entries 0 absent

1st Amoo’s Sade Prelude – Quality 14 months black brindle bitch, substantial and well boned, standing over a lot of ground and already very mature for her age. Good height to length ratio, with long limbs, she presents a pleasing picture on the stack. Well angulated for and aft, with plenty of depth and width throughout, she is well-muscled and feels very powerful under the hand. She moves out well in all directions on a strong, expansive gait with plenty of reach and drive.

2nd Lyons’ Malinkey’s Angelica – Just out of puppy, and still very much the baby of the class, but lovely for type, very feminine standing on a smaller frame, but with growth still to do. Shapely with good proportions and angulation all through and with prettiest head and expression and neat ears. She moved out well on a light and easy gait, lovely in profile, just needs to strength through her hocks going away.

3rd Stirling’s Rysheron’s American Hope for Clanlily (imp USA) – Another lovely bitch just out of puppy, a taller, rangier frame, but again another lovely for type and overall shape and proportions. Lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck into lovely topline. Well-boned and long-limbed with good angulations and a long scopey stride, needs time to fill and settle into her houndy frame.


YEARLING BITCH  7 entries 3 absent

1st Wilkinson’s Rainster Eilex among Hunacres – Lovely 22 month grey brindle bitch that is just starting to mature and settle into her frame. She has good overall size, type and shape, is well off for bone and has good depth and width all through. She presents a balanced outline and has good angulation fore and aft without being overdone. Balanced all through she moved out well on a long and easy stride, covering the ground well.

2nd Lyons’ Malinkey’s Angelica – See above.

3rd MacLeod’s Brachan Neve Di Natale – There’s a lot to recommend this 21 month youngster, substantial, well-boned and long-limbed, she has a lot of growing still to do to settle into this big frame, but she is already well off for depth and width all through. Lovely head and ears, good reach of strong neck into good forehand angulation with good shoulder lay, width through the fore-chest with good length of upper arm and good pastern angulation. For me, she is carrying too much weight, which spoils her topline and underline and unbalances her overall outline a little, but her overall angulation is good and she moves out on a light and easy gait.


NOVICE BITCH  2 entries 1 absent

1st Gregory & Evans’ Killoughery Rhapsody - I really liked this 2 year old bitch of lovely size, type, shape and proportions. So well put together without any exaggeration. Would prefer a darker eye, but she has good skull proportions and ear set. Honest and workmanlike, with flowing lines and good angulation all through. Moved out with an easy and active stride, sound and true. Apparently at only her second show, but not showing it, well handled and presented.


POST GRADUATE BITCH  4 entries 1 absent

1st Sumner’s Creena Harper at Dukesarum (AI Imp Aus) – Really liked this eye-catching, 2 year black bitch of great size, type and presence. Standing over a lot of ground with lovely long limbs and tremendous bone, she is well muscled and presents a shapely picture with flowing lines. Litter sister to the PGD winner, she shares many of the same attributes and has good rear angulation with plenty of length through the femur and width through the stifle and width across the pelvis. She covers the ground easily with an open, scopey stride in profile. She still has growing and filling to do, but she is hard to ignore and I’m sure will be one to watch.

2nd Wilkinson’s Rainster Eilex among Hunacres – See above

3rd Bruce’s Killoughery Talia – Lovely 3 year old grey brindle, always shown in excellent condition and well handled to bring out the best in her. Honest and workmanlike, there is nothing flashy about this bitch, but she is a good size and shape and very well balanced all through and moved out on a light and easy gait, sound as a pound. Pretty head and expression with lovely neat ears.


LIMIT BITCH  7 entries 2 absent

1st Gregory’s Killoughery Redemption – Another very nice, typey, honest bitch of good size and proportions, who I see is litter sister to winner of Novice. Good head with neat ears, good neck into lovely topline and tail set, good depth and width all through, plenty of bone and good angulation fore and aft with flowing lines, but again nothing exaggerated. Free and easy mover in profile, covering the ground with ease.

2nd Treadwell’s Floydian Fionn – I really like this 3 year old black brindle for overall type and shape, not as big in frame and I’d prefer a little more of her, but she wasn’t showing herself off to her best advantage as she seemed less happy in the ring. Good depth and width all through, well angulated and well-muscled, she really powered round the ring, with plenty of reach and drive, just needs to settle a bit to get the best out of her.

3rd Heather’s Whiteorchard. Aurora JW – Lovely rangy bitch, just rising 3 years with some maturing still to do. Good overall size, type, shape and balance with lovely long limbs used to advantage on the move. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck into good topline, good depth of brisket and underline into tight tuck-up. Super, easy and active movement.


OPEN BITCH  6 entries 3 absent

1st Wallis’s Cairnstorm Resolution – Very eye-catching tall, scopey wheaten bitch of 2.5 years standing over a lot of ground. She has a big frame and is well boned and needs time to mature. Good head and expression with good dark pigmentation. Lovely for type and overall a good shape and balance although her topline begins to rise a little too far forward, which makes her appear longer cast, but she is ribbed well back and holds herself well together on the move. Good depth and width all through, well angulated fore and aft with plenty of width through the stifle, moved out soundly and with plenty of reach and drive, would like to see her when she’s filled her frame and put down some more muscle.

2nd MacLeod’s Brachan Wolf Moon – Strong, upstanding 4 year old bitch with good bone and long limbs. She has plenty of height, depth and width and is well muscled all through and feels very powerful under the hand, but I would like less weight on her as this spoils her outline for me. Overall a well constructed hound with a strong sighthound skull, strong neck into good forehand, deep brisket, tremendous width all through and strong quarters. She has plenty of power on the move, but doesn’t always do herself justice as she tends to put her head down and work against her handler. An honest, workmanlike, old-fashioned bitch that I’m sure could do the job.

3rd Severn-Kumar’s Gaelmarque Ethelreda – Smaller and finer all through, a pretty 3 yr old bitch that overall presents a balanced picture and moves out well in profile on a light and easy, ground covering stride. Ideally I’d like more of her all through and would like to see more length and layback of upper arm and more depth of chest and fill between the elbows.


VETERAN BITCH  9 entries 3 absent

Super class! Great to see so many entered and so many there on the day. Thank you to Ros Cramphorn for bringing her fabulous 9 year old Yelxba Victoria ShCM for the lap of honour, she is a credit to you and your breeding and she went well and is still on good form.

1st Heather’s Ch Whiteorchard Nebula – Cracking 7.5 year old, of lovely size, type, proportions and balance. Sweet head and expression. Well constructed all through, there is no sign of aging in her and is she is still moving out on an active and strong stride with plenty of reach and drive. She pushed hard in the BV challenge, but she was unlucky to meet the dog on such good form on the day. Dam of my RBCC/RBIS winner and she has passed on many of her attributes.

2nd Warwick’s Goldswift Bronntannas to Cairnstorm – Just turned 7 and litter sister to my DCC/BOS/Best Veteran and another still on top form. I liked her size and type, a tall, long limbed and shapely bitch looking fit and athletic. Sweet head and expression, neat ears, good all round construction and in good condition, presented in good coat and handled well.

3rd Bruce’s Goldswift Leap of Faith – Another from the same litter and again presented in excellent condition and coat and going with energy and drive. Not such a rangy frame as 2nd, but an honest, workmanlike bitch that is very well put together and is a sound easy mover. Lovely for type again and another sweet head and expression and good ears.

4th Treadwell’s Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian – Lovely 8.5 year old dark brindle that I have judged in her prime and done her well and still like her very much. She was not playing ball today and really didn’t want to move on the individual performance, which is a shame as she is still holding her shape and form well.

5th Littlefair’s Goldswift In Your Dreams – Another 7 year old from the same litter and it’s a credit to their breeders that they have so many entered in the Veteran class and all still looking so well and on good form. This girl is slightly heavier all through her frame, but is still lovely for type. She wasn’t overly enthusiastic about being in the ring and didn’t move with the drive and purpose of her littermates. Well handled and presented.


CHAMPION BITCH  4 entries 1 absent


This was a hard class for me as my first and second are both outstanding bitches in their prime and very much what I am looking for and they could easily be placed the other way round on another day.

1st Sheppard’s Ch Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW - CC and Best in Show – At just 2 yrs this bitch is already very mature and in her prime. Tall and athletic with grace and power, she has a big frame and stands over a lot of ground with good bone and substance but without any coarseness. She has a ring presence that is hard to ignore and is presented in top coat and condition and this team of owner/handler and hound work so well together. Lovely overall type and conformation, good height to length ratio with lovely long limbs, she is sighthound all through. Lovely head and expression, with good skull proportions, good reach of neck into strong topline with good croup and tail set. Good depth and width all through with well balanced angulation throughout, she is shapely without being overdone. On the move she covers the ground effortlessly on a long and easy stride, with powerful drive through her hocks and super extension fore and aft, without being excessive. A strong, well-muscled bitch it would be easy for her to run away with her handler on the move but her power and enthusiasm is contained so that she doesn’t overreach
herself, but is sound and accurate all round. She is a very exciting hound that well deserves her title. In the end the height and span of this girl gave her the length of stride and ground cover that was hard to beat on the day.

2nd Heather’s Ch Whiteorchard AdAstra JW - Res CC and Res Best in Show – Super 2 year old, rising 3, and again already very mature and in her prime. More compact than the winner, standing over slightly less ground, she is another very fit and athletic bitch with good proportions and ratios that say sighthound all through. Well constructed throughout she is lovely for type with a sweet head and expression, correct ear-set, good reach of strong neck with correct neck set on, lovely topline, well angulated all through, with lovely shoulder and upper arm placement and good fore-chest. She has plenty of depth and width and is ribbed well back with strength and breadth through the loin. Good rear angulation with width through the stifle and through the pelvis and neat, well let down hocks, another that really strides out on an easy and expansive gait, eating up the ground effortlessly. She is sound and true all round.

3rd Holder’s Ch Sade Araya Mascotts JW – This tall and houndy 5 year old black brindle was unlucky to come up against these two younger hounds who were on top form on the day. Shapely and feminine, she stands over a lot ground and has good height to length and well-boned, long limbs, another good sighthound frame. A worthy champion, handled and presented well, she just lacked the drive and energy of the other two bitches on the move.


BRACE  9 entries 3 absent


I have to commend everyone in this class for some really excellent handling and sportsmanship – and for staying on two legs! This is never an easy class, but everyone was game enough, not just to run around the ring, but to also do the up and down individually with their braces – and everyone did it extremely well! In the end the placings were made on the management of the braces and also the consistency in how the pairs of dogs looked, but there was very little in it.

1st Tebbutt's – This handler is an old hand at the brace class and this brace of two pups put in an excellent performance, with the littermates very well paired for type and looks, and even though the young boy was beginning to enjoy himself too much, he and his litter sister kept in very good step with each other.

2nd Gregory’s – Again two very well matched hounds, which I’m assuming were probably siblings, well handled and controlled and striding out well.

3rd Heather’s – The same applies to this pair who were very well matched, striding out well, but just a little over enthusiastically!

4th Bruce’s – This pair were beautifully turned out and beautifully under control, a credit to their owner/handler who clearly puts a lot of time and energy into coat preparation and training – a credit to you.

5th Heather’s – If I remember correctly this handler had the two veterans from this kennel and he did an excellent job in presenting two very happy hounds that were behaving like two young colts by the end of the day! Well done, you probably have a job for life now!

6th Says’ – I take my hat off to this handler who had two very tall, very leggy and very powerful young hounds to manage and he did an excellent job with them. I was worried that they might get a bit over excited and strong, but he had them both beautifully under control and striding out well – good job!

Rebecca Peek (Milkwood)

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