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Limited Show 2016

Judge: Mrs Hazel Barnes (Hazianne)



Best in Show - Mrs & Mr S.E. & P.D. Catlow - Mascott's Cassis Laoiseach

Reserve Best in Show - Mrs K. Gregory - Killoughery the Baron

Best Opposite Sex - Mrs K. Gregory - Killoughery the Baron

Best Puppy in Show- Mrs D. Treadwell - Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian

Best Dog - Mrs K. Gregory - Killoughery the Baron

Reserve Best Dog - Mrs M. Severn-kumar - Gaelmarque Melton Say

Best Puppy Dog - Mr & Mrs G. & F. Dawson - Hydebeck Gordian at Graefyn 

Best Bitch - Mrs & Mr S.E. & P.D. Catlow - Mascott's Cassis Laoiseach

Reserve Best Bitch - Mr & Mrs S. & B. Bridges - Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barrassy

Best Puppy Bitch - Mrs D. Treadwell - Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian





















































































Puppy Dog (1, 0abs)


1. Mr & Mrs G. & F. Dawson

Hydebeck Gordian at Graefyn


Puppy Bitch (3, 2abs)


Mrs D. Treadwell

Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian 

Junior Dog (5, 1abs)


1. Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Purkayastha

Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh


2. Miss W. Heather

Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard


3. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves

Wolfhouse Count Basie


Resv. Mr & Mrs K. & A.E. Campbell-Woodford

Yelxba Celtic Fire at Kilmacdaugh


Junior Bitch (7, 2abs)


1. Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask

Amarach Caitin at Baronglen


2. Mrs R. Cramphorn

Yelxba Victoria


3. Mrs M. Severn-Kumar

Tarlog Black Lace of Gaelmarque


Resv. Mr & Mrs S. Dolling

Rainster Nancy of Charobie


VHC. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin

Maccaura Lacey of Torteval


BIS:- Mascott's Cassis Laoiseach.

Judge:- Mrs Hazel Barnes

BPIS:- Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian,

RBIS:- Killoughery The Baron

Novice Dog (3, 1abs)


1. Mr & Mrs S. Dolling

Amethon Feebees Home of Charobie


2. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves

Wolfhouse Count Basie

Novice Bitch (6, 4abs)


1. Mr & Mrs A.L. Stote

Ravensbeech Caritas


2. Mr & Mrs S. Dolling

Rainster Nancy of Charobie

Post Graduate Dog (5, 2abs)


Mrs M. Severn-Kumar

Gaelmarque Melton Say


2. Mrs S. Dawson

Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico


3. Mr & Mrs S. Dolling

Amethon Feebees Home of Charobie



Limit Dog (3, 2abs)


1. Mrs R. Walters

Killoughery The Bounder



Post Graduate Bitch (1, 0abs)


 1. Mr & Mrs B. & S. Bridges

Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barrassy


Limit Bitch (5, 2abs)


1. Mrs & Mr S.E. & P.D. Catlow

Mascott's Cassis Laoiseach


2. Mrs S. Wilkinson

Jessica Kate Roan inish


3. Mr & Mrs K. & A.E. Campbell-Woodford

Rivenhound Bonfire at Kilmadaugh


Open Dog (5, 2abs)


1. Mrs K. Gregory

Killoughery The Baron


2. Mrs R. Walters

Kiloughery The Bounder


3. Mrs M. Severn-Kumar

Gaelmarque Melton Say




Open Bitch (2, 1abs)


1. Mr & Mrs S. & B. Bridges

Amelie Luciaku Over Barrassy



Judge's Critiques



        First of all can I wish Jack Chisnall who was to be the judge today, a speedy recovery, and to thank the exhibitors for accepting me as their replacement judge

        A big thank you to the Irish Wolfhound Society for a lovely afternoon and to the excellent stewards for all their hard work and making judging so very well organized.

        Any show would not happen without the exhibitors. What a wonderful group. Although it made judging that much more difficult it certainly gave me an excellent time. Many thanks to you all.

         The overall standard of muscular condition was very good and has improved immensely, lovely harsh coats and excellent temperaments, no tucked under tails or belly crawling and no bad mouths or misplaced teeth. I was happy with all the exhibits especially my BIS, RBIS & BPIS.


Dog Classes




1st  –  Dawson’s,  Hydebeck Gordian at Graefyn

 A Gorgeous black baby just over 6 months old enjoying his day out, nice dark eyes, correct dentition, neat rosed back ears carried well. Good bone and ample width to stifle for one so young. A little un-coordinated at first, until he settled and then moved well. Handler handled him well.



JUNIOR DOG 5 (1 abs)


1st –  Das Purkayastha’s,  Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh

Just out of puppy at 12mths old. Nice masculine head with kind expression, dark eyes, well held ears, good mouth and dentition. Balanced outline with good depth and width throughout. Not overly muscled at this stage. Well ribbed back, nice top line and rise over loin, good sweep to underline. Wonderful overall balance, lovely angulations, reached out well and moved with ease.


2nd  -  Heather’s,  Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard:  Litter brother to 1 and I feel that these two will swap places many times throughout their show careers. Everything that needs to be said about this boy I have just said and I had to be super critical to split them. I  feel that today 1st place was more relaxed with the flooring and strode out that bit better making him the best mover in the class.


3rd -  Reeves’,  Wolfhouse Count Basie



NOVICE DOG 3 (1abs)


1st – Dolling’s,  Amethon Feebees Home of Charobie

 A lovely dog with wonderful head & expression, nice ears, good muscular neck and shoulders, deep chest. Nice top line and tuck up. Good width to loin, nice angulations, not overly done. Moved out well and with ease. Feet could be a bit tighter but there is still time to tighten them up. A nice youngster, growing well.


2nd – Reeves’,  Wolfhouse Count Basie

Third in junior – lovely boy. Pleasing head and soft expression, correct rose ears carried well. Good length of body, deep chest, moved soundly. Excellent coat. He is still looking a baby and he is going to need time to mature but please don’t rush him he will be worth waiting for.





1st – Severn – Kumar’s,  Galemarque Melton Say

Well put together. Strong masculine  head and expression. Long muscular neck leading into well placed shoulders and deep chest. Nice tuck up. Good turn of stifle and second thigh well muscled which gave him the lovely flowing movement. Scored here in neck and shoulder. Good coat and moved freely. – RBD.


2nd  - Dawson’s,  Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico

Nice head good eye and correct dentition, good ears and carried well. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Good bone and feet. Broad loin and second thigh with nice bend of stifle. Moved out soundly fore and aft.


3rd – Dolling’s ,  Amethon Feebees of Charobie



LIMIT DOG 3 (2 abs)


1st -  Walters’,  Killoughery The Bounder

Stood alone but deserved his class. Nice head with dark eye and good pigmentation and a kind expression. Good length of neck into reasonable shoulders. Nice tuck up, fair croup giving way to curvy rear quarters, nothing overly done. Well balanced and moved soundly.



OPEN DOG 5 (2 abs)


1st – Gregory’s,  Killoughery The Baron

Litter brother to 1st in Limit dog, both very nice I just preferred 1. Wonderful type and balance, good proportion of length of leg to body length. Muscular neck coming into excellent shoulders, nice strong top line with ample width across the loin. Lovely depth of chest with nice sweeping tuck up. Lots of bone and a really harsh coat. Really reached out with power and strength, moved soundly and freely around the ring. One I will be keeping an eye on in future. BD,RBIS


2nd – Walter’s,  Killoughery The Bounder – 1st in Limit dog.


3rd – Severn – Kumar’s,  Galemarque Drap De Berry.



Bitch Classes



PUPPY BITCH 3 (2 abs)


1st – Treadwell’s, Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian

A puppy with enormous quality and substance, lots of bone and good coat. Pretty head with dark eye and well held ears. Lovely neck and shoulders, nice top line with correct rise over loin and not too steep a croup. Great outline with good depth of chest and well ribbed back. Wonderful hind quarters, moved really well covering the ground with easy reach and drive. BPIS



JUNIOR BITCH 7 (2 abs)


1st – Pask’s,  Amarach Caitin at Baronglen

Almost 15months old and a nice tall girl, with lots of bone throughout. Lovely head with dark eyes and rosed ears. Good front assembly with plenty of fore chest, great depth and nicely balanced with strong quarters, excellent top line and tuck up. Good tail set. Nice low hocks. Moved out true and sound although somewhat cautious on this flooring and I look forward to seeing her on a better surface.


2nd – Cramphorn’s,  Yelxba Victoria

Another super youngster with superb overall quality. Beautifully balanced but not quite the top line of 1. A pleasing head, eyes and ears, strong neck and nice depth of chest. Good tuck up. Ample length of leg, would like to see her stride out a little more – she does have the length of upper arm to do this. Nice steady mover.


3rd – Severn – Kumar’s,  Tarlog Black Lace of Gaelmarque



NOVICE BITCH  6 (4abs)


1st – Stote’s,  Ravensbeech Caritas

Lovely girl with feminine head and expression, correct dentition, neat ears. Muscular neck, nice shoulder, smooth top line and sweeping tuck up, good broad  back and loin. Plenty of width to the stifle, nice low hocks, ample bone and good harsh coat. Moved out well, easily and active.


2nd – Dolling’s,  Rainster Nancy of Charobie

Another pretty girl. Nice head and good reach of neck. Long strong body with good coat texture, lovely overall outline from shoulder to croup. Nice tight, well arched feet. Strode out soundly on the move.





1st – Bridges,  Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barrassy

Alone in this class but well deserved her 1st placing. A nice typey hound, pleasing head with kind expression. Good strong muscular neck leading into decent shoulder placement. Pleasing body curves with attractive overall impression, well balanced throughout and in good muscular condition, lovely sound mover and happy to place her RBB



LIMIT BITCH 5 (2 abs)


1st – Catlow’s,  Mascotts Cassis Laoiseach

Quality substantial bitch with great ring presence. Attractive head, dark eyes and gentle expression, rosed ears held well, correct bite. Long muscular neck flowing into a good front with ample width and fore chest, nice deep chest. Super spring of rib and well ribbed back, slight rise of loin, nicely angulated hind quarters with low hocks and good tight feet. Strode out well with power and ease keeping her top line whilst on the move. Excellent muscle tone and movement. Happy to give her BB & BIS


2nd – Wilkinson’s,  Jessica Kate Roan Inish

Appealing head, dark eyes and dark pigmentation. Ample chest and good overall angulations, and well balanced, covered a lot of ground standing, lovely muscle tone and harsh coat, I would have preferred her feet a little tighter but she moved out with ease and power. Handled well.


3rd – Campbell – Woodford’s,  Rivenhound Bonfire at Kilmacduagh



OPEN BITCH 2 (1 abs)


1st – Bridges’,  Amelie Luciaku over Barrassy

 Pretty gentle 6 ½ year old girl. Classic head and expression, neat ears. Good width across her loins, neat and curvy. Lovely harsh coat and well presented and shown. Her movement just starting to give a hint to her age, but could again be down to the flooring.



Hazel J Barnes (Hazianne)





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