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Judge:- Mrs Debbie Treadwell (Floydian)




Best in Show - Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask - Amarach Aaron of Baronglen

Reserve Best in Show - Dr & Mrs C. & C. Sheppard - Goldswift Enchanted Legacy

Best Opposite Sex - Dr & Mrs C. & C. Sheppard - Goldswift Enchanted Legacy

Best Dog - Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask - Amarach Aaron of Baronglen

Reserve Best Dog - Mrs R. Cramphorn - Yelxba Albert ShCM

Best Bitch - Dr & Mrs C. & C. Sheppard - Goldswift Enchanted Legacy

Reserve Best Bitch - Ms J. Morris - Art cuinns Be My Angel (Imp SE)












































































































Junior Dog - (3, 1 abs)

Puppy Dog - No entries

Best In Show & Reserve Best in Show with judge Debbie Tebbutt (Floydian)



Puppy Bitch - No entries

Junior Bitch - 4, (0 abs, 1 transferred to Open Bitch)

1.  Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Das Purkayastha,

     Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh


2.  Mrs S. Dawson,

     Austonley's Dick Dastardly of Shalico

1.  Mrs J. Morris,

     Art Cuinns Be My Angel (Imp SE)


2.  Mrs K. Addington,

     Wolfhouse Daviniah of Wolvebrigg


3. Mr & Mrs k. & A.E. Campbell-Woodford,

    Kilmacduagh Aednat


Novice Dog - 4, (3 abs)

Novice Bitch - 4, (1 abs) 

1.  Mr & Mrs J. Plachcinski,

     Austonley's Ooh Ahh Cantonah 


2.  Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Das Purkayastha,

     Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh


3. Miss J.M. Littlefair,

    Goldswift Phoenix Kiss



1.  Dr & Mrs C. & C. Sheppard,

     Goldswift Enchanted Legacy


2.  Miss J.M. Littlefair,

     Goldswift in Your Dreams


3.  Mr & Mrs K & A.E. Campbell-Woodford

     Kilmacduagh Aednat


Post Graduate Dog - 2 (0 abs)

Post Graduate Bitch - 2 (1 abs)

1.  Ms K. Webb,

     Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys


2.  Mr & Mrs J. Plachcinski,

     Austonley's Ooh Ahh Cantona

1.  Mrs M. Severn-Kumar,

     Goldswift Destiny of Gaelmarque

Limit Dog - 5 (3 abs)

Limit Bitch - 2 (2 abs) 

1.  Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.P. Pask,

     Amarach Aaron of Baronglen


2.  Mrs S. Dawson,

     Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico


Open Dog - 1 (0 abs)

1.  Mrs R. Cramphorn,

     Yelxba Albert


Open Bitch - 3 (1 abs) 1 transferred from JB 

1.  Mr & Mrs K. & A.E. Campbell-Woodford,

     Rivenhound Bonfire at Kilmacduagh 


2.  Mrs K. Bruce,

     Goldswift Leap Of Faith

Judge's Presentation

Presentation to the Judge Mrs Debbie Treadwell by the Society       Chair Mrs Chris MacLeod



Judge’s Critique


I would like to thank the Irish Wolfhound Society for inviting me to judge and a special thanks to my wonderful ring stewards on the day. The overall the quality of the hounds was good, and I was especially pleased with the quality of my principle winners. There were a couple of narrow jaws and only one bad bite. The only other issue that I found was a lack of condition, some carried a few extra pounds whilst others lacked hard muscle.


Class 1 PUPPY DOG No Entries

Class 2 JUNIOR DOG 3 (I ab)

1st Dr & Miss P.P.& S. Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh. Just turned 12 months of age. Quality young hound with pleasing head and expression, long neck leading to good lay of shoulder. Chest deep and well ribbed back, good length of loin and width of thigh, moved well round the ring, promising future for this boy.

2nd Mrs S. Dawson’s Austonleys Dick Dastardly of Shalico . 14-month-old well grown youngster with plenty of substance. Dark eye gentle expression with good dentition. Good depth of chest well ribbed and correct top line. Did not move out as well as 1, he needs time to drop into his large frame.

Class 3 NOVICE DOG 4 (1ab)

1st Mr & Mrs J Plachcinski’s Austonley’s Cantona Oooh Ahh. 19 months old. Pleasing head and expression, a little upright in the shoulder but good chest and well ribbed, good topline with adequate angulation to rear. Moved well round the ring with reach and drive.

2nd Dr & Miss P.P.& S. Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh

3rd Miss J M Littlefair’s Goldswift Phoenix Kiss.


1st Ms K Webb’s Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleboys. 18-month-old well grown youngster, loved his dark eye and expression, good bite, plenty of bone, well laid shoulder, good depth of chest, strong powerful hindquarters which he engaged round the ring, carrying a little too much weight but did have muscle.

2nd Mr & Mrs J Plachcinski’s Austonley’s Cantona Oooh Ahh.

Class 5 LIMIT DOG 5 (3ab)

1st Mr & Mrs P.V & P.A Pask’s Amarach Aaron Of Baronglen.BD BIS. At just over two years old his presence in the ring commands your attention. Masculine well-furnished head, correct dentition, neat ears strong neck. Good top line which he held on the move showing reach and drive, shown in excellent hard condition, delighted to see him take Reserve Best in Show at the Hound Show later that day. A hound truly fit for function.

2nd Mrs S Dawson’s Stonestorm Dream Apache Of Shalico. 4-year-old with plenty of bone, pleasing head and expression, ears a little large strong neck and correct topline, good depth of chest and lovely tight feet. Did not move at his best today dropping his head to look at the floor and did not engage his hindquarters.

Class 6 OPEN DOG 1

1st Mrs R Cramphorn’s Yelxba Albert ShCM RBD 3.5-year-old. Another quality male with correct bite, dark eye and neat ears. Well laid shoulder good spring of ribs and well angulated. Looked balanced when standing but disappointed on the move not settling into his stride and very fond of his tail today.


Class 7 PUPPY BITCH No Entries


1st Ms J Morris’s Art Cuinns Be My Angel (imp SE) RBB. Just over 12 months of age this young girl shows much promise. Beautiful feminine head, correct dentition and lovely rose ears. Good lay of shoulder well boned with tight feet Plenty of angulation to front and rear, moved well round the ring.

2nd Mrs M.K.Addington’s Wolfhouse Daviniah Of Wolverbrigg. Just over 12 months and another young girl with promise. Most pleasing head and expression, dark eye, correct bite and neat ears. Well angulated, a little lighter in bone than 1 and felt her bursa on the turn but moved well on the straight.

3rd Mr & Mrs K & A E Campbell-Woodford’s Kilmacduagh Aednat.

Class 9 NOVICE BITCH 4 (1ab)

1st Dr. & Mrs C & C Sheppard’s Goldswift Enchanted Legacy BB RBIS 18-month-old with the most pleasing of heads and expression. Excellent construction with plenty of bone and substance. Moved round the ring with reach and drive using her powerful hind quarters to full advantage. Again, in no doubt that she could do the job that Wolfhounds were originally breed to do.

2nd Miss J.M.Littlefair’s Goldswift In Your Dreams. Litter sister to 1 and with much of the same quality’s, shown in hard condition but did not move out as well as her sister giving her handler a bit of a hard time.

3rd Mr & Mrs K & A E Campbell-Woodford’s Kilmacduagh Aednat.

Class 10 POST GRADUATE BITCH 2 (1ab)

1st Mrs M. Severn-Kumar’s Goldswift Destiny of Galemarque. 18-month-old litter sister to my RBIS. Beautiful head and expression, well-constructed with plenty of bone and substance, moved out well showing reach and drive, in good hard condition.

Class 11 LIMIT BITCH 2 (2ab)

Class 12 OPEN BITCH 3 (1ab)

1st Mr & Mrs K & A Campbell-Woodford’s Rivenhound Bonfire At Kilmacduagh. 5-year-old bitch beautiful feminine head, good lay of shoulder with good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, plenty of bone carried a little too much weight and lacked enthusiasm on the move.

2nd Mrs K. Bruce’s Goldswift Leap Of Faith. Another litter sister to my BB and RBIS. Feminine head with the most gentle expression, long neck with good lay of shoulder strong powerful legs with good angulation, moved OK round the ring and just lacked a little maturity. It was a pleasure to see 4 sisters from the same litter so even in type and quality, the breeders should be very proud.

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