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Photographs - Beverley Poole

Open Show Results 2017

Held at The Sports Connexion on Sunday 29th January 2017
Judge Anthony Murray (Sabata)

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Dog Class Winners

Best In Show -  Mrs R. Cramphor

n; Yelxba Victoria 

Reserve Best In Show -   Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Brutus

Best Opposie Sex - Mr & Mrs C.& J. Amoo; Sade Brutus

Best Puppy In Show - Mr & Ms K. & M. Evans-Jones & Halsall; Valheru Magnus Maximus

Best Veteran - Ms J. Timmins; Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi

Best Dog -  Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Brutus

Reserve Best Dog - Ms J. Timmins; Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi

Best Bitch - Mrs R. Cramphorn, Yelxba Victoria

Reserve Best Bitch - Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Prudence



Bitch Class Winners


Puppy Dog  (7,2 abs)

1. Mr & Ms K. & M. Evans-Jones & Halsall; Valheru Magnus Maximus  


2. Mesdames S.A. & K. Surrell & Coleman & Mr L. Simmons; Lonkyle Pilgrim at Bokra (Imp. Can R.A.F.)

3. Mr & Mrs J. Harris; Hazianne Big Jake


Resv. Mrs K. Kelly; Bonaforte's Kelly's Hero


VHC. Miss L. Colbert; Keep It Together Physical Attraction


Junior Dog (5,2 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Brutus

2. Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask; Amarach Aaron of Baronglen 


3. Mrs K. Kelly; Bonaforte's Kelly's Hero 



Puppy Bitch (8,2 abs)

1. Ms & Mrs A.R. & T.M. Bull & Barron; Bonaforte's luna

2. Mr & Ms K. & M. Evans-jones & Halsall; Valheru Rayna


3. Ms K. Gregory; Madalinca Spring Joy of Killoughery


Resv. Mrs D.I. Stote; Moralach Three Times a Lady


VHC. Mr & Mrs S. & M. Hewish; Madalinca Spring Breeze   



Junior Bitch (3,1 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Prudence

2. Mrs C. Raybould; Culvercroft Harriet 




Yearling Dog (4,2 abs)


1. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves; Wolfhouse Count Basie


2. Ms C. Stirling; clanlily Boscuaill of Cuinn




Novice Dog  (2,0  abs)

1. Mesdames S.A. & K. Surrell & Coleman & Mr L. Simmons; Lonnkyle Pilgrim At Bokra (Imp. Can R.A.F.)

2. Miss L. Colbert; Nana Nana Von der Erzminen.




Yearling Bitch (6,2 abs)


 1. Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins; Glengail Gglenys


2. Mrs J. Pain; Ravensbeech Revera


3. Ms C. Stirling; Clanlily Wishing On A Star


Resv. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves; Ballyphelan Fianna





Novice Bitch (7,4 abs)

1. Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins; Glengail Gglenys

2.Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin; Maccaura Lacey of Torteval

3. mr & Mrs S. & M. Hewish; Madalinca Spring Breeze



Post Graduate Bitch (13, 7 abs)

1. Mrs R. Cramphorn; Yelxba Victoria

2.Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner; Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan


3. Mrs C. MacLeod; Brachan Eira


Resv. Ms S. Stirling; Clanlily Million Dollar Gem


VHC. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin; Maccaura Lacey of Torteval



Post Graduate Dog (8, 3 abs)

1. Mr & Miss P.P. & S. Purkayastha; Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh


2.Mrs R. Cramphorn; Yelxba Albert

3.Mr & Mrs G.A. & E.A. Bogart,

Mascott's Conquistador

Res. Mrs S. Dawson,

Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico.


VHC. Mr & Mrs M. & S. Dolling;Amaethon Feebees Home of Charobie


© Copyright


Limit Dog (2, 1 abs)


1.  Ms. K. Gregory,

Killoughery The Baron ShCM




Open Dog (3, 2 abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner; Ballyphelan Black Adder


Limit Bitch (5,0 abs)

1.Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask; Amarach Caitin at Baronglen

2. Mrs C. MacLeod; Brachan Eira

3.Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner; Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan

Res. Ms C. Du Rose; Bonaforte's Any Old Eva


VHC. Mr & Mrs K.L. & C.M. Wright; Rainster Arran with Cassadign



Open Bitch (5, 5 abs)


Veteran Dog (2, 0 abs)


1. Ms J. Timmins; Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi


2. Ms C. Du Rose; Little Brother vd Oelmuhle at Heliodor



Veteran Bitch (7, 4 abs))

1. Ms C. Du Rose; Ice Cream vd Oelmuhle

2. Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner; Ballyphelan Damson


3. Mr & Mrs S. Roberts; Tarlog Tara at Larkton

Presentation to the Judge, Mr Anthony Murray by The Society President, Mr Peter Williams

Judge's Critique


       I would like to thank the committee for the honour of judging this show and the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over their hounds, I had a lovely day.

       I was disappointed at the number of hounds shown in soft condition, lacking muscle tone, some good hounds lost out because of loose movement, these are hunting dogs and there is no substitute for regular exercise. 

       I was very happy with my main winners all of who could fulfil the Kennel Club requirement “Fit For Purpose” congratulations to the owners.




Minor Puppy Dog     0 entries


Puppy Dog     7, 2abs


 1st - Mr & Ms K.& M. Evans-Jones &  Halsall;   Valheru Magnus Maximus   Best Puppy

A very well grown puppy with good bone quality. Good head with kind expression, ear carriage could be better. Good strong neck into correct shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed back with plenty of forechest.,Strong, well muscled body, plenty of curves in front but looking a bit straight behind, he is going through a growth spurt and is standing bum high. Correct tail carriage. Movement a bit loose at this age as you would expect.


2nd - Mesdames S.A. & K. Surrell, Coleman & Mr L. Simmons;   Lonnkyle Pilgrim at Bokra imp Can R.A.F.  

A smaller type of hound, a shapely boy of good proportions. Pleasant head, ears well held. Strong neck into decent shoulders though not quite the forechest or bone of the first. Nicely angulated fore and aft, moved with energy. Tailset correct but needs it to settle. Also 1st Novice Dog.


3rd -  Mr & Mrs J. Harris;   Hazianne Big Jake


Junior Dog  5, 2abs


1st - Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo;   Sade Brutus    Best Dog & Res BIS

Tall, very masculine young hound, excellent shape and make, well off for bone. Good head, ears well held, dark eye. Strong neck into correct shoulders, plenty of forechest. Long strong bones. Deep chest with good ribbing. Well muscled throughout with very powerful hindquarters, moves effortlessly around the ring with long easy strides.


2nd -  Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask;   Amarach Aaron of Baronglen

A very shapely, 13 month old balanced youngster, not as forward in development as the first. He has a very pleasant head, good neck into decent shoulders. Enough depth of chest. Plenty of curves to both forehand and hindquarters, moving out soundly.


3rd - Mrs K. Kelly;   Bonaforte’s Kelly’s Hero


Yearling Dog 4, 2abs


1st - Mr & Mrs D. &W. Reeves;  Wolfhouse Count Basie

A good type of hound. Nice masculine head with a lovely expression. Good forehand, sufficient depth of chest. Strong bones and plenty of width throughout. Very strong hindquarters with correct angulation, sound movement.


2nd -  Ms C. Stirling;  Clanlily Boscuaill of Cuinn

A tall, well grown youngster. Very pleasant head and expression, good length of neck. He is houndy in profile but needs lots more time to fill out his frame and settle down into his body. His young handler got the very best out of him, they made a good team.


Novice Dog 2, 0abs


1st -  Mesdames S.A. & K. Surrell & Coleman & Mr L. Simmons;   Lonnkyle Pilgrim at Bokra imp Can R.A.F


2nd - Miss L. Colbert;  Nana Nana Von Der Erzminen

Medium size hound. Head could be more masculine. Decent length of neck into reasonable shoulders, plenty of depth to chest. A good profile shape but lacked width and strength throughout the body, moved out soundly.


Post Graduate Dog 8, 3abs


1st - Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Das Purkayastha;   Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh

A very good, masculine hound, true to type. Best of heads with a super expression and dark eye. Strong neck, correct lay of shoulder. Plenty of forechest, deep chest and ribbed well back. Strong muscular quarters and good quality bone. Looking a bit heavy in front possibly due to carrying too much weight. Moved soundly.


2nd - Mrs R. Cramphorn;  Yelxba Albert

A medium size hound. A little broad in skull, dark eye, ears could be better held. Shoulders decent, plenty of forechest and good depth of chest. Decent ribbing and good curves to hindquarters. Unsettled on the move, high tail carriage.


3rd - Mr & Mrs G.A. & E.A. Bogart;   ascott’s Conquistador


Limit Dog  2, 1abs


1st - Ms K. Gregory;  Killoughery The Baron ShCM

A very good type of hound with lots to like. Nice head, lovely expression with a dark eye. Good strong neck into correct shoulders and plenty of depth and width to the chest. Strong, shapely hindquarters. Would prefer a better topline. Well muscled throughout, moved with drive and power.


Open Dog 3, 2abs


1st - Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner;  Ballyphelan Black Adder

Mature hound with lovely masculine head and soft expression. Strong neck into good shoulders, decent forechest. Plenty of depth and width throughout the body and well off for muscle tone, good condition, very shapely in profile. Moved well with purpose.


Veteran Dog  2, 0abs


1st - Ms J. Timmins;  Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi,   Res Best Dog, Best Veteran

I liked this hound very much  and at almost 8 years old he is in excellent hard muscular condition, a credit to his owner. Everything in the correct proportions with plenty of curves, moved strongly around the ring with drive and power.


2nd - Ms C. Du Rose;  Little Brother vd Oelmuhle at Heliodor

7 year old, medium sized hound. Nicest of heads with a lovely expression. Very shapely, series of gentle curves fore and aft and everything in balance. Good condition, moved well.




Minor Puppy Bitch  0 Entries


Puppy Bitch  8, 2abs


1st - Mr A.R. Bull & Mrs T.M. Barron;  Bonaforte’s Luna

Well grown typical bitch with nice shape and curves throughout. A plain but pleasing head with good ear carriage. Good shoulders, plenty of forechest. Well muscled with plenty of width through body. Strong hindquarters. Moved well, very sound.


2nd - Mr & Ms K. & M. Evans-Jones & Halsall;  Valheru Rayna

Litter sister to best puppy but different in type. She is well grown but at present hasn’t the scope or quality of her brother, she needs lots more time to develop and fulfil her potential, she should finish well. Movement needs to be tightened, flying her tail.


3rd - Ms K. Gregory;  Madalinca Spring Joy of Killoughery


Junior Bitch 3, 1abs


1st - Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo; Sade Prudence, also Res Best Bitch

A lovely dark bitch with the look of a true huntress. Plain but feminine head, rose ears. Strong neck into correct shoulders, deep chest. Good tuck up, strong hindquarters. She is a series of curves from nose to tail, very well muscled and shown in excellent condition with the same, easy movement as her brother Sade Brutus.


2nd - Mrs C. Raybould; Culvercroft Harriet

A different type of bitch but lots to like. Nice head, strong neck. A little upright in shoulder and could have a better forechest. Good length of body with sufficient curves. Moved well though lacking in muscle and needs more width throughout.


Yearling Bitch 6, 2abs


1st - Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins;  Glengail Gglenys, also 1st Novice Bitch

Well grown bitch, nice make and shape. Good head and ear carriage. Strong neck into good shoulders. Sufficient length of body. Strong hindquarters with moderate curves, well muscled with enough width throughout. Needs to drop into her frame, moved soundly.


2nd - Mrs J. Pain;  Ravensbeech Revera

Very nice, shapely, balanced bitch with pleasing curves fore and aft. Pleasant head, strong neck into correct shoulders. Sufficient depth of chest. Good tuckup, sufficient angulation to rear, another that should finish well given time. Moved out soundly.


3rd - Ms C. Stirling; Clanlily Wishing On A Star


Novice Bitch  7, 4abs


1st -Mr & Ms L. & H. Bradley & Mullins;  Glengail Gglenys


2nd - Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin;  Maccaura Lacey of Torteval

Nice, houndy profile to this bitch. Plain head, rose ears. Decent length of neck into correct shoulders. Sufficient forechest. Good length of body and moderate angulation to hindquarters. Lighter in bone than one, lacking muscle tone. Moved out ok.


3rd - Mr & Mrs S. & M. Hewish;  Madalinca Spring Breeze


Post Graduate Bitch 13, 6abs


1st - Mrs R. Cramphorn;  Yelxba Victoria, Best Bitch & Best in Show

I have admired this bitch for some time and it has been interesting watching her develop into a well balanced, very good hound of correct breed type, she really needs to be gone over to appreciate her quality. She has a feminine head with kind expression, rose ears. Very strong neck. Well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest with a prominent forechest. Long strong bones, well sprung ribs giving plenty of heart room. Correct length of loin leading into very strong, muscular hindquarters. Good tailset with tail carried low. Tight feet, well set hocks. Movement foot perfect.


2nd - Mr & Mrs J. E. Sumner;  Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan

A similar type of bitch to the winner, good sized shapely hound. Very feminine head with typical soft expression. Everything is in proportion with nothing exaggerated on this girl, a series of pleasing curves. Moved out well, could have better muscle tone.


3rd - Mrs C. Macleod;  Brachan Eira


Limit Bitch 5, 0 abs


1st - Mr & Mrs P.V. & P.A. Pask;  Amarach Caitin at Baronglen

Another bitch I have liked for some time, a tall rangy girl with plenty of shape. Good feminine head, strong neck into correct shoulders. good depth of chest and sufficient forechest. Well ribbed back. Good length of loin, strong well angulated hindquarters, tail carried low. Moved with drive and purpose, needs more time to fit her frame.


2nd - Mrs C. MacLeod;  Brachan Eira

A different type of bitch to first. Medium sized powerful girl, she is very muscular and shown in excellent condition with strong dense bones. Not the most feminine of heads. Strong neck. Prominent forechest. Shoulder placement could be better. Good depth of body. Strong hindquarters with sufficient angulation, not moving at her best.


3rd - Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner;  Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan


Open Bitch  7, 7abs


Veteran Bitch 7, 4abs

It was a privilege to judge this class of three lovely old ladies.


1st - Ms C. Du Rose;  Ice Cream vd Oelmuhle

Beautiful wheaten, almost 8 year old girl. A little on the small side but very shapely, you really need to go over this old girl to appreciate her quality and condition. She was one of the better muscled hounds on the day, a mini powerhouse who moved around the ring with more drive and enthusiasm than many of the younger hounds.


2nd - Mr & Mrs J.E. Sumner;  Ballyphelan Damson

A classic bitch of quality, typical of the lovely hounds bred at this kennel. She is a series of gentle curves from her beautiful head, correct shoulders all the way through to her angulated hindquarters, everything flowing together, not quite as active on the move.


3rd - Mr & Mrs S. Roberts;  Tarlog Tara at Larkton

A very pretty 10 year old. Lovely head with soft expression. Good bone. Shown in fit condition with good muscle tone, still active on the move and could hold her own with some of the younger hounds. A credit to her owner.


Anthony Murray (Judge)

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