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Photographs - Gary Bogart

Championship Show Results 2015

Held at The Sports Connexion on Sunday 27th September
Judge Mrs Jean Timmins (Cornovi)

Our Championship shows are
kindly sponsored by:

Royal Canin

Best In Show -  Mrs C. Goodson, Ch. Moralach the Gambling Man.
Reserve Best In Show -  Mrs T. Sumner, Dukesarum Tegan.
Best Puppy In Show - Mrs D. Tebbutt, Brachan dolig Wen Caredig.

Best Veteran - Mr & Mrs K & C Broughton, Grifemy Magic Mist Over Montisacre
DCC.  Mrs C. Goodson, Ch. Moralach the Gambling Man
Res. DCC. Mr & Mrs J. & P. Sumner, Ballyphelan Black Adder
BCC. Mrs T. Sumner, Dukesarum Tegan
Res. BCC Mrs J. Pain, Ch. Ravensbeech Fidelia


Dog Class Winners


Minor Puppy Dog  (1 abs)


1. Dr. P. & Miss S. Das Purkayastha,  

Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh.

2. Miss W. Heather,

 Ravensbeech Reveinio Whiteorchard  

3. Miss K Webb,

 Rainster Neely of Inkleyboys




Puppy Dog

1. Mr & Mrs R & R Walters, Brachan Breuddwyd Y Ddraig

2. Mr & Mrs K & C Broughton,  Rainster Nimrod for Montisacre

3. Miss K. Webb,  Rainster Neely of Inkleyboys.

Res. Ms S. Evans,  Maccaura Tennessee Jed of Braewisan (Imp USA)


Junior Dog

1. Mrs D Tebbutt, Caredig Barbarian

2. Mrs P. Ashby,  Ashgroave burleigh Bowdrey

3. Mr & Mrs K. & A. Campbell-woodford,  Yelxba Celtic Fire at Kilmacdaugh

Res. Mr & Mrs G. & E. Bogart,  Mascott's Conquistador


Yearling Dog

1. Mrs M. K. Addington,  Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg



Novice Dog  (3 Abs)

1.  Mr & Mrs G. & E. Bogart,  Mascott's Conquistador

2. Mr & Mrs R. & R. Walters,  Brachan Breuddwyd Y Ddraig

3. Mr & Mr B. & D. Eubanks & Taylor,  Nellwyns Mr Lucas



Under Graduate Dog (2 Abs)

1. Miss K. Gregory,  Killoughery The Baron

2. Mrs K. Addington,  Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg
3. Mr & Mrs P. & H. Sheppard,  Clhannworthy Endeavour

Res. Mrs R. Walters, Killoughery the Bounder

VHC. Mr & Mr B. & D. Eubanks & Taylor, Nellwynns Mr Lucas



Post Graduate Dog (1 Abs)

1. Mr A. Lefley, Hydebeck Imperial Commander of Nicsar

2. Mr & Mrs G. & E. Bogart, Nellwyns Mr Ozymandias

3. Dr's N.A.J. & J.A. Wilkes,  Strickenoak Clanrickarde (Sh.CM)

Res. Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar, Gaelmarque Melton Say




Limit Dog (5 Abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J. & P. Sumner, Ballyphelan Black Adder

2. Misses S. & K. Surrell & Coleman, Bokra Amnesty

3. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin, Fearghas Really Irish in Torteval (Imp. Cze)

Res.  Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar, Gaelmarque drap De Berry



Open Dog (1 Abs)

1. Mrs C. Goodson, Ch. Moralach the Gambling Man



Veteran Dog

No Entries


Bitch Class Winners


Minor Puppy Bitch (2 Abs)

1. Mrs J. Pain,

Ravensbeech Revera

2. Mrs T. Sumner,

Dukesarum Scout

3. Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar,

Tarlog Black Lace at Gaelmarque

Res. Mr & Mr B. & D. Eubanks & Taylor,

Ravensbeech roma

VHC. Mr & Mrs L. & D. Ashton,

Bribiba Cuanghra of Madalinca



Puppy Bitch (1 Abs)

1. Mrs D. Tebbutt, Brachan Dolig Wen Caredig

2. Mrs C. MacCleod, Brachan Eira

3. Mr & Mrs P. & A. Vaudin, Maccaura Lacey of Torteval (Imp. USA)



Junior Bitch (3 Abs)

1. Mrs P. Ashby, Ashgroave Burleigh Oakey

2. Mrs C. MacCleod, Brachan Eira

3. Mrs R. Cramphorn, Yelxba Victoria



Yearling Bitch (1 Abs)

1. Mr & Mrs D. & D. Redfern, Rainster Izabela



Novice Bitch

1. Mrs C. MacCleod, Brachan Eira

2. Ms S. Evans, Braewisan Orlaith

3. Mr & Mr B. & D. Eubanks & Taylor, Gartlove Georgianlace



Under Graduate Bitch

1. Miss M.K. Hawkins, Seplecur Charlotte

2. Ms S. Evans, Braewisan Orlaith

3. Mr & Mr B. & D. Eubanks & Taylor, Gartlove Georgianlace



Post Graduate Bitch (5 Abs)

1. Mr & Mrs C. & J. Amoo, Sade Arya

2. Mr & Mrs R. & C. Goodson, Ravensbeech Camina at moralach

3. Mr & Mrs J. & P. Sumner, Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan

Res. Mrs T. Sumner, Dukesarum Gypsy

Mr & Mrs L. & D. Ashton, Hawkhaven Cariad Neala of Madalinca



Limit Bitch (4 Abs)

1. Miss W. Heather, Whiteorchard venusta

2. Mrs T. Sumner, Dukesarum Aoife

3. Ms L. Forret, Baudhach Blanaid from Tapsalteerie

Res. Miss K. Gregory, Killoughery Eineen


Open Bitch (9, 2 Abs)

1. Mrs T. Sumner, Dukesarum Tegan

2. Mrs J. Pain, Ch. Ravensbeech Fidelia

3. Mrs K. Johnson, Ch. Nellwyns Miss Pollyanna

Res. Mrs D. Tebbutt, Ch. Caredig Cariad

VHC. Ms C.L. Pinkney, Ch. Hydebeck Imperial Dream (JW)



Veteran Bitch (3 Abs)

1. Mr & Mrs K. & C. Broughton, Grifemy Magic Mist Over Montisacre

2. Mr & Mrs L/ & D. Ashton, Nightwing Only Make Believe of Madalinca



Brace Classes (5 Abs)

1. (B) Ashby's Brace

2. (F) Gregory's Brace

3. (C) Ashton's Brace

4. (D) Ashton's Brace (2) 






It has to be a highlight of a judging career to judge one’s own breed at this level and I thank the IW Society for the opportunity of doing this, and my sincere appreciation to those who entered under me bringing your lovely hounds for my appraisal, I was extremely pleased with my entry.




       Minor Puppy Dog.


  1. Das Purkayastha - Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh.

    Very shapely puppy of excellent type, so very balanced in outline, super head, dark eye, would like to see upper arm little further set back, good body length, nice rise over loin, well angled stifles with breadth, very steady on the move, full of promise.

  2. Heather - Ravensbeech Revinio Whiteorchard

    Brother to 1. Different stage of growth but again showing much promise.  Super front angulation, lovely head, good depth of chest and ribbing carried well back, good rear angulation, plenty of width, he is standing a little high behind at the moment and not quite so together on the move as his brother.

  3. Webb - Rainster Neely of Inkleyboys. 

    Taller pup in a typical lankey growth phase for his age.  Much to like about him, lovely head and neck, well muscled throughout, good body length, good length of bone, super tight feet, unsettled on the move.


        Puppy Dog


  1. Walters  - Brachan Breuddwyn Y Ddraig

    Very nice type, beautiful head well furnished, small well set ear, strong neck, plenty of forechest, shoulder could be slightly better laid, good length of leg, well ribbed back, standing high behind which can make him appear straighter behind, but he has good length of stifle, moved out well and I preferred his rear action.

  2. Broughton - Rainster Nimrod for Montisacre

    Not much to separate 1 and 2 and similar comments apply, this pup is rather more raw in outline, good shoulder and upperarm, slightly upright in pastern at the moment, good length all through, well ribbed back, nicely angulated rear, not so settled on the move.

  3. Webb - Rainster Neely of Inkleyboys.


       Junior Dog


  1. Tebbutt - Caredig Barbarian

    Powerful curvy dog, little heavy in backskull, strong neck into super shoulder and upperarm angulation, plenty of forechest, well sprung ribs carried well back, well tucked underline, good rise to loin, well laid croup and strong rear quarters with breadth across hips. Great muscular condition and extremely sound mover.   

  2. Ashby - Ashgroave Burleigh Bowdrey.    Rangier type than 1 but very appealing, lovely lines, super head, good length of neck, good front construction, plenty of leg length, has depth of chest, slightly long in loin, correctly angled croup, well angled stifle with enough width.  Moving he covers the ground well, just a touch close behind at the moment and rather happy with is tail.

  3. Campbell – Woodford, Yelxba Celtic Fire at Kilmacdaugh. 

    Very leggy and raw at the moment but good type, plainer head but lovely soft expression, plenty of leg length, nicely balanced angulation, topline a little roached at this stage, he just needs to settle into his frame.


       Yearling Dog


  1. Addington - Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg

    Substantial young male with a lovely head, good overall shape with curves throughout, excellent ribbing, nicely laid shoulder and upper arm, needs to broaden in chest, good body length, well angled rear, nice wide hock joint, and good width of stifle.  Good side extension on the move, just needs to tighten behind.


       Novice Dog


  1. Bogart - Mascotts Conquistador.

    Young hound of good type.  Quality head of good proportion, again at that raw stage of growth.  Outline is good with long bone, nice shoulder and upper arm, standing a little high behind at the moment, good length of stifle, moves very well in profile, little close in rear action, just needs time to broaden out and fill his frame.

  2. Walters, Brachan Breuddwyd Y Draig

  3. Eubanks & Taylor, Nellwyns Mr Lucas

    More compact proportions, lovely head well furnished and super expression, well set rosed ear, plenty of breadth all through, he is a balanced dog but I would like a little more angulation front and rear, excellent tight feet, steady mover but not really driving from his rear.


       Under Graduate Dog


  1. Gregory, Killoughery The Baron

    Attractive houndy dog, lovely long lines, super well-proportioned head, correct rosed ear, good shoulder angulation, though upperarm could be better set under, tight feet, well ribbed back, touch long in loin, nicely bent stifles, moved out well.

  2. Addington, Ravensbeech Comitas of Wolvebrigg

  3. Sheppard, Clhannworthy Endeavour

    Tall dog with lots of substance, handsome head, kind expression, strong neck well muscled, would prefer a little more angulation front and rear, excellent depth of chest, good body length with well sprung ribbing, good topline and underline and nice line over croup.


       Post Graduate Dog


  1. Lefley, Hydebeck Imperial Comander of Nicsar

    Very strong upstanding male, carrying a little too much weight.  Correct head and ear set, long strong neck into good shoulder, good length of upper arm, plenty of width of chest, good depth, would like a touch more leg length, good topline, preferred his length of loin, nice angle over croup, well bent stifles with plenty of breadth and muscle, sound mover covering plenty of ground.

  2. Bogart, Nellwyn’s Mr Ozymandias

    Lovely type of hound, masculine head well furnished with soft expression, super front assembly, good depth, well ribbed back, nice underline, well let down hocks, good rear angulation, covers the ground well with an easy stride.

  3. Wilkes, Stickenoak Clanrickard

    More compact outline and in heavier coat.  Attractive head, would like a touch more length of muzzle, fair lay of shoulder, good depth of body, balanced angulation, nice broad stifles, good tailset, sound movement.


       Limit Dog


  1. Sumner,  Ballyphelan Black Adder

    Lovely outline full of curves, correct head proportions, well set small ear, strong broad neck into good shoulder with matching upper arm, plenty of depth of chest, well ribbed back strong tuck up and nice rise over loin, well angled croup, has breadth across hips, plenty of width across muscular well bent stifles, well let down hocks, very sound mover with plenty of reach and drive Res CC.

  2. Surrell & Coleman, Bokra Amnesty

    Another quality hound, just preferred the extra substance of 1.  Beautiful head, he has elegance about him, very houndy outline, lovely angulation very balanced all through, correct coat texture, excellent effortless movement.

  3. Vaudin, Fearghas Really Irish in Torteval

    Well made dog, masculine head, well muscled neck into well laid shoulder, touch straighter in upper arm, nice depth of body, he is slightly flatter through the loin making him appear longer, well angled rear and a sound honest mover.


        Open Dog


  1. Goodson, Ch. Moralach The Gambling Man

    This is a very balanced hound, nothing exaggerated about him and in top form and condition.  Under the hand he feels muscular, strong neck with broad base into good shoulder, nicely laid upper arm, width of chest and depth of ribbing, good body length, correct length of loin, well angled croup into muscular rear quarters, plenty of width across hips, broad stifles with plenty of muscle.  He is an effortless mover, keeps his topline on the move and eats up the ground in a sound action driving off well from low set hocks.  Glad to have had the opportunity to judge him CC BOB BIS.




       Minor puppy bitch


  1. Pain,  Ravensbeech Revera

    Very raw but equally shapely 7 month pup, loved everything about her. Exquisite head, very balanced outline, well angulated, good length of bone, has depth from side, nicely ribbed back, lots of frame to fill, and moves out with plenty of length of stride covering the ground well.

  2. Sumner,  Dukesarum Scout

    Substantial pup, nice outline, good length of leg,  good depth of body, well ribbed back with nice rise over loin, nice shoulde, upperarm a little forward, well angled rear quarters, extremely sound.














        Junior Bitch


  1. Ashby,  Ashgroave Burleigh Oakey

    Super quality bitch, all curves, lovely shoulder lay, well set upper arm,  plenty of depth and ribbing, correct rise over loin and good tuckup, beautifully angled quarters, breadth across hips, well let down short hocks, moves out so soundly covering the ground with reach and drive, an exciting prospect.

  2. McLeod,  Brachan Eira

  3. Cramphorn, Yelxba Victoria

    This is a very nice youngster, pretty head, dark eye, strong neck into good shoulder and upperarm angulation, good depth of body and well angled rear, just falling away a little sharply on croup, good width across stifle and very well muscled, sound mover.


       Yearling Bitch


  1. Redfern, Rainster Izabela

    Alone in the class but a lovely bitch, very tall and rangy, balanced outline plenty of leg length, strong neck into good shoulder, upperarm a little forward and needs to drop into her chest, well bent stifles nice line over croup, well ribbed back with good width across pelvis, moved out soundly.


       Novice Bitch


  1. McLeod, Brachan Eira

  2. Lyons, Wolfhouse Avantgarde

    Quality youngster, houndy shape, lovely head of good proportions, she has the angulation and depth of body, good length of leg, she just needs to broaden all through, good movement with lovely side action.

  3. Eubanks & Taylor, Gartlove Georgianlace

    More compact type, carrying a little too much weight.  Very pretty head, nice shoulder and upper arm, plenty of depth of body and chest, well angled rear, topline arch is a little too forward, good bone and substance, sound but unenthusiastic on the move.


       Under Graduate Bitch


  1. Hawkins, Seplecur Charlotte

    Very attractive bitch with houndy outline, nice head good length of muzzle, well rosed ear, nice shoulder lay, yet to drop into her chest, had enough depth, preferred her topline and croup, well angled rear, covered the ground beautifully on the move, tight feet and correct pasterns, well muscled all through.

















       Limit Bitch


  1. Heather, Whiteorchard Venusta

    Well made solid bitch, feminine head well set ear, good neck into well laid shoulder, preferred her fill of chest and lay of upperarm.  Good underline and rise over loin, well angled croup, good rear angulation with plenty of width, super mover covering the ground with reach and drive.

  2. Sumner, Dukesarum Aoife

    Elegant bitch with lovely lines, super head, ear slightly flat, front set a little too forward, ribs have good depth and carried well back, excellent rear angulation, good breadth across hips, nice muscle tone, moved out well,

  3. Forrett, Baudhach Blanaid from Tapsalteerie

    More compact type with plenty of quality.  Feminine head of good proportion, small rosed ear, slightly shorter neck, balanced angulation, good depth of body nice rise of loin and sound movement.


       Open Bitch


       This class can’t pass without comment for the sheer depth of quality it contained; it was an honour to judge.

  1. Sumner, Dukesarum Teagan.

    Not the biggest of bitches but full of quality.  Super well proportioned head, nicely furnished, kind expression and dark eye, small well placed ear, she has a balanced outline with good shoulder angulation, well laid upper arm, curvy underline and good rise to loin, she has breadth across her quarters, well angled croup and well let down rear, muscular and in good condition she excels on the move with an effortless stride pulling the ground beneath her driving off strongly from behind.  I have given her a Res CC  in the past, and was delighted to award her the CC today.

  2. Pain,  Ch. Ravensbeech Fidelia

    Another top quality bitch with curves in all the right places, super balanced angulation, plenty of depth of body, well ribbed back, and well-muscled throughout, moved with plenty of reach and drive. Res CC

  3. Johnson,  Ch. Nellwyns Miss Pollanna

    Beautiful quality bitch, gorgeous head, balanced outline, giving little away to those above her, this was such a good class I wish I had more than one red card to give.


    Veteran Bitch


  1. Broughton,  Grifemy Magic Mist over Montisacre

    8years 8 month bitch in fabulous condition.  Well balanced outline, nice front construction, good depth, well angled rear and she moved with a super side extension.  Best Veteran in show

  2. Ashton,  Nightwing Only Make Believe of Madalinca

    Lovely head on this bitch, lovely dark eye, small ear.  Well bodied with plenty of ribbing and balanced angulation, just not quite so strong behind as 1.




  1. Ashby’s beautifully matched pair of wheatens.




      Puppy Bitch


  1. Tebbutt,  Brachan Dolig Wen Caredig

    What an eye catcher.  Super quality puppy, so balanced and an example of excellent foreleg bone, pastern angle and tight feet, she has depth all   through, super rear angulation but on the move she excels, covering the ground with reach and drive, exciting prospect BPIS.

  2. McLeod,  Brachan Eira

    Sister to 1, and again much to like.  Heavier set all through, plenty of width of chest, lovely depth and ribbing, standing a little high behind at this stage of growth, good length of first and second thigh, sound mover but not quite with the enthusiasm of her sister.

  3. Vaudin,  Maccaura Lacey of Torteval

    Nice quality puppy, lovely head not quite so filled in front as 1 and 2, good depth of rib, nice shoulder lay, slightly straighter upper arm, good body length, rise on topline starts a little too soon, nice line over the croup and well angled quarters, she is a sound mover but not quite the length of stride at this stage.


    Post Graduate Bitch


  1. Amoo, Sade Arya

    Beautiful outline of curves from start to end,  love her free stacking appearance, she is slightly plainer in head for me, neck muscular into well laid shoulder, complimenting upper arm, depth and ribbing excellent, lovely rise of loin and angle of croup, well angled rear with plenty of width of stifle and lovely free moving action.

  2. Goodson,  Ravensbeech Camina at Moralach

    Quality bitch, feminine head, good forequarter construction, nice breadth and deep body with ribs carried well back, slightly long in the loin, well angled rear and low set hock.  Sound easy action covering the ground well.

  3. Sumner, Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan

    Lovely type, super head, good length of neck, lovely shoulder and upper arm, plenty of breadth, good leg length, nice rise over loin, good tuckup and rear angulation, nice short hock, sound action.


Judge   Mrs Jean Timmins


Chair   Mrs Elizabeth Murray



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