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Crufts 2016


 Irish Wolfhounds


          I feel very privileged to have had such a wonderful entry of Wolfhounds on what was my final judging appointment before retiring from the show ring, the depth of quality was such that in many classes really beautiful hounds went unplaced.

As one would expect overall temperaments were good, a few of the younger hounds were overawed by the occasion and not helped by the echoing hall and the noise from the loud speaker system.

          We had a fabulous large ring which really allowed the dogs to get into full stride and make the most of themselves, I’m not sure all the exhibitors appreciated it as I understand the green carpet was rather slippery in places. I must congratulate our overseas handlers, they are so focussed on their dogs in the ring to get the best performance from them as possible. 


          I saw too many hounds with tails carried high in the air, in the younger hounds it can be due to exuberance but it was across all ages and classes. Flying tails are often the result of too high a tail set but some could be improved by training, a high tail carriage detracts from the overall picture of the hound making the rear movement be or appear to be stilted.

           There were quite a few hounds that needed more bodyweight, some had little covering over the ribs I know it’s difficult to get the balance right but to hunt they must have stamina and a really thin hound is going to lack the strength required for the chase.

Incorrect shoulder placement continues to give concern, many of the hounds had poor return of shoulder being very upright in front and lacking forechest, as a breed we seem to be able to fix the hindquarters but struggle to correct our shoulder problems, maybe one for tomorrows breeders to try to correct .

           I was surprised to see a large number of hounds with incorrect dentition, correct jaws but misplaced upper or tiny lower teeth barely rising out of the gum. Our standard says “scissor bite, level bite accepted” a greater number of those with correct teeth had level rather than scissor bites.


My personal dislike is the new method of showing being adopted by some handlers where the lead is either held tight or in some cases knotted behind the dog’s ear, it cannot be comfortable for the dog and is totally unnecessary when showing such responsive animals as our wonderful Wolfhounds. I would dearly have liked to ask these handlers to relax the leads but as yet it is not against Kennel Club rules, there is great pleasure to be had in watching a handler and his/her dog moving around the ring in harmony with the dog on a loose lead, it takes time and practice but well worth the effort.


          Best of Breed CH Bokra Anarchy to Sade, top Wolfhound in 2014 & 2015 I’m told he is now retired, a great end to his career.

Bitch CC Lux/ Dutch Ch Femke’s Footsteps Coffey, what a glorious girl combining beauty, strength and soundness.

Res CC’s to littermates from the Della Bassa Pavese affix in Italy, I have long admired the clever breeding that comes from this kennel, my late husband and I bought a Mapleton pup bred out of a Della Bassa Pavese bitch 31 years ago, very similar in type to those exhibited today.  

Finally I would like to thank the exhibitors for the opportunity to go over so many lovely hounds, a lasting memory of a wonderful day.




Veteran Dog  0

Minor Puppy Dog  0

Puppy Dog  0


Junior Dog 12, 1abs


1st - Mr G. Janssens - O’Coolio of First Avenue

Handsome very well grown red wheaten pup in super condition, lovely head, dark eye, neat ears, strong neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, plenty of forechest, sufficient angulation, good length of leg, neat feet, moved true with animation.


2nd - Mrs T. Sumner - Dukesarum Atticus

Black brindle, lovely outline to this boy, very raw pup with a lot to like about him, nice head, neat ears, decent shoulders, plenty of curves fore and aft, good length of leg, chest still needs to drop, rise over the loin, moved quite steadily, sound, once he settles into himself he should finish well.


3rd - Dr P.P. & Miss S. Das Purkayastha -  Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh

Red Brindle, plenty of substance, masculine head, dark eye, strong neck into decent shoulders, good depth of chest, ribbed well back, enough angulation to hindquarters, sound movement, high tail carriage.


Yearling Dog 14, 2abs


1st -  Dr A. Turini & L. Salamon - Kingarra Della Bassa Pavese JWW

Mature red brindle medium size totally balanced hound, every thing in correct proportions, masculine head with a lovely expression, neat ears, strong neck into well laid shoulder , good depth of forechest, deep chest ribbed well back, good width to second thigh, lovely sweep to hindquarters, rise over the loin, he kept his topline while moving, moved out strongly both in profile and on the straight across, his tail was held correctly.    Res DCC


 2nd - Mrs D. Tebbutt - Caredig Barbarian

My enigma dog, I have watched his many wins from the ringside and wondered why but it’s only when you put your hands on him you appreciate his quality, medium sized balanced hound, good overall construction, masculine head if a little broad in the skull, strong neck into powerful forequarters, correct lay of shoulder, good depth of chest, ribbed well back, plenty of angulation behind, standing on neat feet, a little high on the hock. He moves powerfully around the ring in profile but crabs on the straight across, I’m sure this is lack of ring training not a construction issue.


3rd - Mr G. Janssens  -  Next Generation Noalan of First Avenue

Dark brindle 18months, giving a lot away in this class as he looked a little immature but I liked his breed type, lovely head with melting dark eyes, neat ears, sufficient forechest, a little upright in shoulder, depth of chest correct, good tuck up, nice topline with a rise over the loin, gentle curves to hindquarters, neat feet, Moved out well when he got into his stride.


Post Grad Dog 13, 4abs


1st - Mrs M.L. Severn-Kumar - Gaelmarque Melton Say

Well grown mature red brindle hound, nice head, dark eye, kind expression, shoulders a little upright, lacking forechest, deep body, long in loin, plenty of rear angulation, tidy feet, sound on the move.


2nd - Dr N.A.J. & Dr J.A. Wilkes - Strickenoak Clanrickarde Sh Ch

Nice type of hound, pleasant male head, dark eye, neat ears, strong neck, good depth of chest, decent lay of shoulder, reasonable quarters, lacking correct rise over the loin, moved ok but without drive.


3rd - Mrs B.A. Poole & Mrs C.E.  Sheppard - Conmeryl Marksman with Goldswift

Well grown hound in good condition, masculine head, neat ears, strong neck into good shoulders, very deep chest, well ribbed back, correct rise over the loin, sufficient angulation to hindquarters. Although sound his movement was spoilt by a very high tail carriage.



Limit Dog 13, 6abs


1st - Mr C. & Mrs J. Amoo - Sade Tyrion

Well grown powerful male of true breed type, plain but pleasing head, strong neck into correctly laid shoulders, plenty of forechest, deep chest ribbed well back, correct length of loin, sufficient angulation to hindquarters, moved out with drive, long powerful strides in profile. A little close behind on the straight across. 


2nd - Miss S.A. Surrell & Miss K. Coleman - Bokra Amnesty

Medium size hound of good breed type, everything in balance with this boy, pleasing head, dark eye, strong neck into neat shoulders, sufficient forechest, good depth of chest, tidy tuckup, enough angulation behind, moved out well.


3rd - Mr I. Gargan -  Ferseithean of Skerryhill

Longer cast boy than 1 & 2 but lots to like about this boy, Nice masculine head, dark eye, strong neck into decent shoulders, could have more forechest, sufficient depth of chest, good tuck-up, shapely hindquarters, sound. 


Open Dog 16, 5abs


1st Mr C. & Mrs J. Amoo - Ch. Bokra Anarchy to Sade

A powerful stallion hound of excellent breed type, every part moving in sync nothing exaggerated, good head and kind expression, strong neck into very powerful forequarters, prominent forechest, correct shoulders, deep chest well ribbed back, maybe a little short in loin, correct topline, strong hindquarters with sufficient angulation, long strong bones, moved out effortlessly eating up the ring with long powerful strides looking as if he could last all day. I have seen this boy many times but today he had a sparkle about him, as always from this kennel he was presented in the peak of condition. Congratulations to the breeders and owners. DCC & BOB






2nd - Dr A. Turini & L. Salamon - Ita/ Eur CH Donnerhall Della Bassa Pavese

Good size hound excellent breed type, strong muscular body, decent head, strong neck into good shoulder, very good quarters fore and aft with nice angulation, could have a better topline. Very sound movement.


3rd - Mrs D.E. Tebbutt - Ch Caredig Caradog

An honest hound of good breed type, nothing exaggerated everything in proportion, masculine head, strong neck into good front, plenty of forechest, decent ribbing, gently curved hindquarters, moving soundly but without animation.


 Good Citizen Dog  2, 1abs


1st - Miss J.M. Kime -  Harropine Agent Scully

 Tall wheaten brindle shown in good condition, pleasant head, kind expression, ample curves but could have a better topline and tuck up, well handled on the move.





Veteran Bitch 5, 4abs


1st - Ms A.E. Donaldson - Rainster Rosa at Kirkcarswell

Always had a soft spot for this bitch, tall red brindle, very pretty head, a pleasing series of curves from nose to tail, at almost 8 years old she moved around the ring more animated than some younger hounds. Well done to the owner.


Minor Puppy Bitch 0


Puppy Bitch 2, 0abs


1st - Mr S. Bradley - Glengail Ggwendolyn


2nd -  Mrs D. Treadwell - Glengail Ggeraldine at Floydian

Almost identical litter sisters, very shapely types, well made girls with everything to like, moving ok for such young pups, 1st placed is more together at the moment 2nd place is on a growing spurt standing bum high.


Junior Bitch 14, 2abs


1st - Mrs D. Tebbutt - Brachan Dolig Wen Caredig

Neat well made quality bitch of good breed type, pretty head, strong neck, correct shoulders, strong quarters fore and aft, body a nice series of curves. Good profile movement, she lacks ring training. I hope she grows on as she is just on size at present. 


2nd - Mrs R. Cramphorn - Yelxba Victoria

Dark brindle, very houndy outline on this youngster, looking a little raw but more my type, she is rangier in body and longer in the leg than 1st and so not quite as together in maturity nor has she settled into her body, great curves, super long stride on the go across but not in tune with her handler on the go around. Great potential in this girl.


3rd - Mrs .C.A. MacLeod -  Brachan Eira

Big strong balanced red brindle typey bitch , nice head, dark eye, strong neck, ample forechest, very good shoulders, deep body, ribbed back, sufficient rear angulation, carrying too much weight, movement unsettled.


Yearling Bitch 19, 7abs

1st - Dr A. Turini & L. Salamon -  Karishma Della Bassa Pavese

A feminine version of her litter brother “Kingarra” winner of Yearling dog, the same comments apply to both. I wish she was mine. 



2nd - Mrs C.A. MacLeod - Brachan Eira

Movement much more settled in this class.


3rd - Mr .S.J. & Mrs B. Bridges - Katy Perry Roan Inish of Barrassy

There is a lot to like about this balanced girl, feminine head, dark eyes, strong neck into decent shoulders, sufficient forechest, chest let down, ribbed back, good rear angulation, good leg length, neat feet. Moving effortlessly around the big ring, sound.


Post Graduate Bitch 12, 6abs


1st - Mr A. Stote - Ravensbeech Caritas

Dark brindle presented in good condition, shapely, lovely head and expression, sufficient angulation to quarters fore and aft, balanced, kept her topline on the move.


2nd - Mrs S. Forret - Seplecur Martine of Culvercroft

Shapely outline, a little narrow throughout, pretty head, correct shoulders, decent forechest, depth of chest but long in loin, good length of leg, gentle curves behind, moved with animation.


3rd - Ms S. Evans - Braewisan Orlaith

Well grown bitch shown in good condition, everything in balance, sufficient angulation to quarters, enough forechest, nice rise over the loin. Moved ok.


Limit Bitch 21, 6abs


1st - Mr C. & Mrs J. Amoo - Sade Arya

Lovely hound has the look of a huntress, plain but pleasing head, strong neck into correct shoulders, chest well let down, a little long in loin, sufficient angulation behind, ate up the ring with powerful movement, must have a bright future.


2nd - Mrs T. Sumner - Dukesarum Gypsy

Nice type red brindle, balanced hound, typical of the breed, feminine head, dark eye, neat ears, strong neck into correct shoulders, plenty of forechest, chest let down, good ribbing, quarters well angulated, could have a better topline.


3rd - Mr .&. Mrs S.E. Catlow  - Mascotts Cassis Laoiseach

Very feminine bitch, plenty of substance but not fat, pretty head, dark eye, strong neck into good shoulders, deep chest ribbed back, correct loin, nice rear angulation, nothing over exaggerated about this girl, very sound.


Open Bitch 26, 8abs    


1st - Miss A.A.M. & Mis H.A.W.M. Somers & Barten - Lux/Dutch.C. Femke’s Footsteps Coffey Lux. Y. Ch/Dutch Y. Ch

I absolutely loved this girl from the first go around, she has size, strength, substance, symmetry and soundness she is ultra feminine, all curves from her gorgeous head down through her shoulders, deep chest, strong loin and curvy hindquarters which she uses well on the move, she reminded me of some of the old Sanctuary hounds.  BCC


2nd - Dr A. Turini & L. Salamon - Ita Ch Halleluiah Della Bassa Pavese JEW

Halleluiah indeed, what an honour to have two such beautiful bitches in the same class, another strong bitch of excellent breed type, quality head, strong neck into correctly laid shoulders, good forechest, deep body well ribbed back, correct loin, nice bend of stifle, moved out well, very sound.


3rd - Mrs .D.E. Tebbutt - Ch Caredig Cariad

I have always liked this honest bitch, a well made quality hound with nothing overdone, feels lovely to go over, everything merges and flows into each other from shapely front quarters to nicely angulated rear, medium size girl with strength of body and bone.


Good Citizen Bitch 2, 0abs


1st - Mascott’s Cassis Laoiseach


2nd - Mr I. & Mrs A. Sheppard - McLights Magic Lily

Pleasant dark shapely bitch of good size, pretty head, dark eye, shoulders could be better, chest nicely dropped decent tuck up, sufficient rear angulation, keeps her topline on the move, sound.


Elizabeth Murray (Judge)

01302 722166

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