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Photographs - Gary Bogart

Championship Show Results 2016

Held at The Sports Connexion on Sunday 25th September
Judge Mary McBryde (Marumac)

Our Championship shows are
kindly sponsored by:

Best In Show -  Mrs M. L Severn-Kumar, Gaelmarque Drap De Berry
Reserve Best In Show - Mrs P. Ashby, Ashgroave Burleigh Oakey
Best Puppy In Show - Mrs S. Forret, Morgana Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft (Ita Imp)

Best Veteran - Miss C. Du Rose, Ice Cream vd Oelmuhle with Heliodor
DCC. Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar, Gaelmarque Drap De Berry
Res. DCC. Ms J. Timmins, Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi
BCC. Mrs P. Ashby, Ashgroave Burleigh Oakey
Res. BCC Miss W. Heather, Whiteorchard Venusta


Dog Class Winners





Minor Puppy Dog  (0 Abs)


1. Mrs P.A. Pask,

Napoleone Della Bassa Pavese (It. Imp)


2. Mrs C.Kelly,

Bonaforte's Kelly's Heroes 

3.Mr & Mrs A. & P. McGonagle,

Madalinca Spring Conree


Resv. Mr & Mrs L. & D. Ashton,

Madalinca Spring Cu Brenn



Bitch Class Winners


Minor Puppy Bitch (0 Abs)

1. Mrs A. Macaulay,

Gaeltarra Eirann Holy Moly GArtlove (Imp) NAF TAF


2. Ms. K. Gregory,

Madalinca Spring Joy of Killoughery


3. Mr & Mrs L. & D. Ashton,

MAdalinca Spring Creena


Resv. Mrs T.M. & A.R. Barron & Bull,

Bonaforte's luna


Puppy Dog  (5, 3 Abs)

1.Mr & Mrs D. & S. McClure,

Clanlily Prince Among Men

2. Ms. C. Stirling,

Clanlilly Buscuaill of Cuinn

3. Mrs C. Kelly'

Bonaforte's Kelly's Heroes



Junior Dog (0 Abs)

1. Mrs D. Treadwell,

Glengail Ggilmour at Floydian

2. Mr & Mrs P. & T. Appleyard

Bonaforte's Justice

3. Mrs & Mr F. & G. Dawson,

Hydebeck Gordian at Graefyn


Yearling Dog (7, 3 Abs)

                                 1. Mrs D. Treadwell,

Glengail Ggilmour at Floydian


2. Mr & Mrs D. & W. Reeves,

Wolfhouse Count Basie


3. Miss W. Heather,

Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard


Resv. Dr & Miss P.P. & S. Purkayastha

Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh




Novice Dog  (1, 0 Abs)

1.  Mr & Mrs P. & T. Appleyard,

Bonaforte's Justice



Under Graduate Dog (4, 1 Abs)

1. Mr & Mrs G. & E. Bogart,

Mascott's Conquistador

2. Mrs S. J. Dawson,

Stonestorm Apache Dream of Shalico

3. Mrs R. Walters

Killoughery The Bounder




Post Graduate Dog (7, 1Abs))

1. Mrs A. Macaulay,

Gartlove Galen Logan

2. Mrs P. Ashby,

Ashgroave Burleigh Bowdey

3. Mr & Mrs A. & P. Walsh & McGonagle,

Bonaforte's Amadeus

Res. Miss C. Du Rose,

Bonaforte's Earl gray


VHC. Mr & Mrs G. & E. Bogart,

Mascott's Conquistador




Limit Dog (7, 0)

1. Mrs D. Tebbutt,

Caredig Barbarian

2. Mrs T. Sumner,

Cufodhla Glen of the Downs at Dukesarum

3. Mr & Mrs P. & J. Sumner,

Ballyphelan Black Adder

Res.  Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar,

Gaelmarque Melton Say


VHC. Ms K. Gregory,

Killoughery The Baron, Sh. CM



Open Dog (6, 2 Abs)

1. Mrs M. L. Severn-Kumar,

Gaelmarque Drap De Berry


2. Ms J. Timmins,

Ch. Cornovi Keats


3. Mrs D. Tebbutt,

Ch. Caredig Caradog


Resv. Ms C. L. Pinkney,

Ch. Hydebeck Imperial Ruler JW



Veteran Dog (3, 2 Abs)

1. Ms J. Timmins,

Ballyphelan Panther Cornovi



Puppy Bitch (7, 2 Abs)

1. Mrs S. Forret,

Morgana Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft (Ita. Imp)

2. Mrs A. Macaulay,

Whiteglen Gala Queen from Gartlove

3. Ms C. Stirling,

Clanlilly Wishing on a Star


Resv. Mrs K. Avevor,

Clanlilly Avevor's Dream


VHC. Mrs C. Raybould,

Culvercroft Harriet




Junior Bitch (4, 2 Abs)

1. Ms C.L. Pinkney,

Hydebeck Ruler of the Stars

2. Mrs A. Brown,

Bonaforte's Je Suis avec Claddaghwolf



Yearling Bitch (7, 4 Abs)

Mrs T. Sumner,

Dukesarum Scout


2. Mr & Mrs L. & D. Ashton,

Bribiba Cuan Ghra of Madalinca


3. Mrs C. MacLeod,

Brachan Eira





Novice Bitch (4, 2 Abs)

1. Mrs S. Forret,

Morgana Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft (Ita. Imp)

2. Ms J. Braine,

Hollyhenge Madam Meghan



Under Graduate Bitch (8, 3 Abs)

1. Ms S. Evans

Braewisan Orlaith

2.Mrs C. MacLeod

Brachan Eira

3. Mrs S. Wilkinson

Conmeryl Merriment over Hunacres


 Resv. Ms C. L. Pinkney

Hydebeck Ruler of the Stars


VHC. Mrs P. A. Pask

Wulfgar Fontaine of Baronglen



Post Graduate Bitch (8, 0)

1. Mr & Mrs J. & P. Sumner ,

Killoughery Braela of Ballyphelan


2. Mrs & Mr B. & S.J. Bridges,

Katie Perry Roan Inish of Barrassay 

3. Mis C. Du Rose,

Bonaforte's Back Chat

Res. Mrs S. Forret,

Seplecur Martine of Culvercroft


VHC. Ms C. Stirling,

Clanlily Million Dollar gem



Limit Bitch (12, 3Abs)

1. Mrs P. Ashby,

Ashgroave Burleigh Oakey

2. Mrs S. Wilkinson,

Jessica Kate Roan Inish (IKC)

3. Mr & Mrs J. & P. Sumner,

Ballyphelan Rosy Ryan

Res. Mrs A. Macaulay,

GArtlove Ghleann Bronagh


VHC. Ms J. Timmins,

Cornovi Karisma


Open Bitch (7, 3 Abs)

1. Miss W. Heather,

Whiteorchard Venusta

2. Ms C. L. Pinkney,

Ch. Imperial Dream JW

3. Miss A. E. Bennet

Finneagle Lady Cora

Res. Mrs, Mr & Mrs Ashton, Ashton & Ross,

Can. Ch. Cnoccarne Anne Bonney 



Veteran Bitch (7, 3 Abs)
1. Ms C. Du Rose

Ice Cream vd Oelmuhle with Heliodor


2. Mr & Mrs. J. & P. Sumner,

Ballyphelan Damson


3. Mrs D, Tebbutt,

Ch. Caredig Delilah


Mrs & Mr B. & S.J. bridges,

Amelie z Luciaku over Barrassay



No Image Available


Brace Classes (8, 6 Abs)

1. (D) Gregory's Brace

2. (C) Bridges' Brace








115 Entries with 82 Hounds present to be judged

I was delighted and honoured to be invited to judge the Irish Wolfhound Society CH Show. The show organisation team were efficient, kind and helpful, and ensured that the whole day went smoothly and with good humour. Everyone worked hard and I would like to thank in particular Peter Williams for keeping track of all the entries and awards, and my ring stewards, especially Anthony Murray, for keeping the hounds and handlers well organised.

I had a very good entry both in numbers and in overall quality. In many classes there were difficult choices to be made so I want to thank all the exhibitors for their good manners and sportsmanlike way in which they took my decisions. I was especially delighted with the quality, type, conformation, ring-presence, and movement of my two CC Winners, my two Reserve CC Winners, the two Best Puppies, and the Best Veteran.

My critique below is detailed and I haven't held back in mentioning faults as well as virtues, because I feel quite strongly that a full picture of each hound on the day should be portrayed and not just the good bits.

The KC health watch list required me to monitor the presence of vertical canines - I found only a single instance of one misplaced canine. However there are two non-watch list faults that seem widely distributed and which are deeply concerning.

Firstly, far too high a proportion of the 36 males judged had very small soft or spongy testicles that are unlikely to be reproductively fertile; this problem occurred across the classes.

Secondly, about 40% of the hounds had heads tending toward a brachycephalic structure, with shortened nasal bones, round zygomatic arches and cheeks, sharply raised or raised and indented frontal bones, and a rounded cranium; lurking under the whiskers there were many hounds with a mastiff/bull-mastiff skull-type. The IW is a giant member of the Greyhound family and this should be reflected as much in skull shape as in body shape. The muzzle should be strong but distinctly not square and should gradually, smoothly widen out to blend seamlessly without bumps and lumps into the skull. There should be a very slight sloping rise between the eyes with little sign of indentation leading to a flat-topped skull that gradually broadens out to the ears. The bone at the bottom of the eye-orbit (zygomatic arch) should be flat NOT rounded, and the cheeks should be almost flat too. Plenty of whiskers and careful grooming hide head-structure faults; only by letting your hands feel what is under the hair can the truth be found. I urge breeders and judges to reverse this trend towards the brachycephalic skull before it becomes endemic in the UK population.
































1. Mrs Pask - NAPOLEONE DELLA BASSA PAVESE (It.Imp). 7 mth dark brindle. Tall with noble and commanding appearance.  Lovely head & expression, good teeth. Very good bone and feet. Good loin arch. Excellent underline and hindquarters. Very good upper-arms, top of shoulder-blades wide-set but moved nicely despite this. BEST PUPPY DOG & BOS PUPPY.

2. Mrs Kelly - BONAFORTES'S KELLY'S HERO. 7mth cream brindle. Very similar to 1st in many ways but less curves and angulation in front and hind assemblies. Good loin arch.  Underline not as good as 1st. Moved nicely.

3. Mr & Mrs Ashton -MADALINCA SPRING CONREE. 6mth old Black dog with fabulous head and expression. Lovely bone and feet. Very nice outline and general conformation. Happy pup with playful movement.




Litter brothers 1st and 2nd

1. Mr & Mrs McClure - CLANLILY PRINCE AMONG MEN. Tall 9.5mth grey brindle. Lovely type of young IW who was  rather nervous initially but calmed down and blossomed.  Good head, teeth, eyes and ears. Well made neck connecting smoothly into body. Shoulder slightly wide-set at top, but good long sloping upper-arms. Lovely loin arch, combined with long broad pelvis and very well proportioned hindlegs. Good muscle.  Excellent bone and feet. Moved very well when he settled.

2.Ms Stirling - CLANLILY BUSCUAILL OF CUINN. Dark brindle, much heavier built litter brother to 1st, with the same excellent bone and feet. Head too heavy in skull, indented between eyes, and small but flat ears. Excellent neck, and better laid and inclined shoulders than his brother. Lovely long sloping upper-arms.  Big, deep, well sprung ribcage with lovely tuckup. Needs more loin arch. Pelvis very steep which adversely affects his whole hind quarter balance and resulted in fairly erratic movement. Tail carried high on the move. However a promising youngster if he gets control of his legs.




1. Mrs Treadwell - GLENGAIL GGILMOUR AT FLOYDIAN. Very eye-catching 17mth Red Brindle with commanding appearance. Great topline and underline, with super powerful well angulated hindquarters. Head, disappointingly, not so good close-up with shortish muzzle set into round cheekbones and a heavy rounded skull. Flattish ears. Very good bone and feet. Long strong neck, lovely shoulders, forechest and upper -arms. Movement superb especially side-reach, elasticity and drive. In strong contention for Dog CC but head-type a problem. Beautifully handled. BEST JUNIOR & BEST YEARLING IN SHOW.

2. Mr & Mrs Appleyard - BONAFORTE'S JUSTICE. Good looking 14.5mth Cream. Excellent head, teeth, eyes and ears. Good neck, a bit straight in shoulders, quite-good upper-arms, lovely bone and feet. Nicely arched loin, good tuckup and lovely ribcage. Hindquarters sufficiently angulated. Moved steadily but lacks reach in front.

3. Mr & Mrs Dawson - HYDEBECK GORDIAN AT GRAEFYN. 13mth Black very well presented and groomed. Head not ideal with narrow muzzle set into wide round cheek bones, and a distinct stop between eyes. Good underline and topline. Nice neck. Front feet a bit flat. Good upper-arms. Pelvis a bit steep and short, affecting hind quarter angulation and hind pasterns too long. Very high tail carriage on the move.



A good class of handsome young males all showing excellent side movement despite the somewhat slippery floor.

1. Mrs Treadwell - GLENGAIL GGILMOUR AT FLOYDIAN - as above

2. Mr & Mrs Reeves - WOLFHOUSE COUNT BASIE. Best head in class. Good neck and font construction - particularly upper-arm and forechest. Good bone. Needs more depth of back rib. Excellent loins, pelvis and hindquarters - especially like the long femurs and tibia/fibulas combined with short back pasterns. Moved well but with less reach in front and less elasticity than 1st. But a very nice dog.

3. Miss Heather - RAVENSBEECH REVENIO WHITEORCHARD. 19mths old litter brother to 4th, both are heavier built than 1 & 2. Good looking dog, but his handsome head is marred by round cheek bones and a heavy skull beneath the lovely furnishings. Excellent neck, shoulders and upper-arms. Lovely ribcage, forechest and loin arch. Nice hindquarter angulation with good short back pasterns. Big bone, and good feet. Moved very well. Another very nice male.




1. Mr & Mrs Appleyard - BONAFORTE'S JUSTICE. Looking much more relaxed this time, which increased his curviness. A very promising youngster.



1. Mr & Mrs Bogart - MASCOTT'S CONQUISTADOR. His very good side-gait and good underline and excellent topline won him this class. Head has good muzzle shape but round cheek bones, heavy round skull and high stop. Nice neck, good shoulders, and very good long sloping upper-arms. Good forechest, ribcage and bone. Feet passable. Shortish pelvis but nice and broad at tail. Sufficient hindangulation but a bit cowhocked standing and on the move.

2. Mrs Dawson - STONESTORM APACHE DREAM OF SHALICO. Stylish rising 3yr golden brindle not always co-operating with handler. Head has a pronounced stop but better cheekbones than 1st. Large flat ears. Strong long, arched neck, nice shoulders, long upper-arms. Heavily boned legs, good front feet, hind feet a bit flat. Topline a bit variable depending on his stance, tending to lean back a bit. Pelvis a bit short, and lacks width at ischial prominences. Sufficient hindangulation but long back pasterns. Moved quite nicely.

3. Mrs Walters - KILLOUGHERY THE BOUNDER. 3yr old. Heavy bone and substance throughout. Head quite good, especially muzzle shape. Nice neck and shoulders, needs more upper-arm length and angulation. Short narrow pelvis, with not much hindleg angulations. Tail set high and carried high and curly. Moved steadily but lacks reach and drive.



Very interesting and good quality class of males.

1. Mrs Macaulay - GARTLOVE GALEN LOGAN. Very curvaceous Red Brindle with good ring presence. Excellent side movement with huge elastic stride, and very good to and fro. Super loin arch. Very nice shoulders, upper-arms, and forechest. Good bone. Particularly good, long, wedge-shaped pelvis with lovely hindleg angulation. Head a bit short, with heavy round cheekbones. Very good muscle, overall condition and coat.

2. Mrs Ashby - ASHGROAVE BURLEIGH BOWDEY. Super impressive 2yr old Red Sable who sadly got more and more tense during the class. Very good head and neck. Shoulders set too wide at the top which affects front movement. Long sloping upper-arms. Excellent loin-arch and underline. Excellent pelvis shape, and hindleg angulation. Tendency to be cowhocked standing and moving. Fabulous side gait but erratic to and fro. Good muscle and overall presentation.

3. Mr Walsh & Ms McGonagle - BONAFORTE'S AMADEUS. 4yr old Cream with good head and neck. Shoulders a touch upright and wide-set at top. Very nice upper-arms and forechest. Loin arch nice but finishes before sacro-iliac. Good bone and feet. Well made hindquarters. Moved very nicely





1. Mrs Tebbutt - CAREDIG BARBARIAN. Impressive 2yr old brindle with commanding appearance. This is a very good young male apart from his head which has a heavy round skull, indentation between eyes, and round cheek bones. Excellent long, strong neck well set into nice shoulders and good upper-arms. Lovely forechest, deep ribcage, good tuckup with good loin-arch above it. Broad pelvis but a bit short and tail set rather high. Powerful well angulated hindlegs, and excellent muscle throughout. Moved very well to and fro, and from the side view.

2. Mrs T Sumner - CUFODHLA GLEN OF THE DOWNS AT DUKESARUM. 3yr old red wheaten with good head shape, good teeth and dark eyes, but flattish ears. Excellent long strong arched neck well set into body, nice shoulders, upper-arms a bit short and upright which resulted in a shortened stride in front. Very nice loin arch. Good bone and feet. Good ribcage, needs more tuckup. Pelvis needs more width at ischial prominence. Nice hindleg angulation. Well muscled. Moved steadily.

3.Mr & Mrs J Sumner - BALLYPHELAN BLACK ADDER. Handsome 4yr old with a commanding appearance who immediately caught my eyes at first glance. Hands-on, I was sad to find he is another hound with muzzle ill-fitting into round cheekbones, and a rounded heavy skull. Ears flat. Long neck nicely set into decent shoulders and upper-arms. Good ribcage, bone and feet. Good underline. Topline variable but generally flat in loin especially on the move. Well shaped pelvis with good hindleg angulation. Movement very erratic to and fro, sidegait lovely long elastic stride.

Resv. Mrs Severn-Kumar - GAELMARQUE MELTON SAY




Four very impressive hounds. Thankyou for bringing them for my opinion.

1. Mrs Severn-Kumar - GAELMARQUE DRAP DE BERRY. Large 3 yr old Cream with great ring presence, correct balance and proportions for a male Irish Wolfhound. Excellent masculine sighthound head, good teeth, black pigmentation, dark eyes, small ears. Long, strong well-arched neck with broad muscular base smoothly inserted into and over well laid shoulder-blades. Long well angulated upper-arms. Good forechest, deep well-sprung ribcage with good tuckup. Well arched loin blending smoothly into broad sloping pelvis, low tailset, broad muscular well angulated stifles and second thighs, and short back pasterns. Feet a little soft. Presented in beautiful coat, and condition. Moved very well. DOG CC, BEST OPEN & BEST IN SHOW

2. Ms Timmins - CH. CORNOVI KEATS. 5 yr old grey brindle of more compact construction than 1st. Handsome head and lovely expression, though a little heavy in skull. Medium length strong neck well set into rather thickset shoulder assembly, upper-arms a bit short. Strongly boned legs but front feet turn out standing and on move. Good forechest and well sprung ribcage, quite good tuckup. Topline strong but needs more loin-arch. Steep pelvis with rather high tail-set, and needs longer femur to give more hindangulation. Very sound easy mover.

3.Mrs Tebbutt - CH. CAREDIG CARADOG. Impressive heavily boned powerfully built  3.5 yr old grey brindle. Head is heavy in skull with round cheekbones. Interesting to see he is half-brother to the winners of Junior D & Limit D who both have a similar head structure. Medium length strong neck well set into slightly wide sloping shoulders, quite good upper-arms but standing a bit upright on them. Good bone and well sprung feet. Deep ribcage, lovely loin-arch. Pelvis rather short and steep with a high tail set. Lovely hindleg angulation. Moved conservatively in front from sideview, very nice to and fro. 




1. Ms Timmins - BALLYPHELAN PANTHER CORNOVI. Lovely shapely 7yr old. Excellent head with lovely expression, dark eyes, good ears and teeth. Lovely long, strong, arched neck well set into beautiful shoulders, long sloping upper-arms and good forechest. Very nice front legs and feet. Deep well-sprung ribcage but does lack tuckup. Good loin arch in this class standing and on the move. He kept the arch whilst competing for the CC and was a very worthy Reserve CC winner, but by Best Veteran he was tired and had lost the arch which was a pity. Good hindangulation and broad pelvis, good back pasterns. Very good movement from the side and to and fro. RESERVE DOG CC.



Four very nice baby puppies

1. Mrs Macaulay - GAELTARRA EIRANN HOLY MOLY GARTLOVE (Imp) NAF TAF. Gorgeous 6mth old black brindle. Fabulous head and expression, dark eyes, ears a bit erratic. Excellent long neck well set into very good shoulders, very good upper-arms, forechest, topline and underline. Excellent hindquarters. Moved very well, elastic and plenty of reach and drive.

2. Ms Gregory - MADALINCA SPRING JOY OF KILLOUGHERY. 6mth old with lovely head, good neck, shoulders and upper-arms. Good loin-arch, bone and feet. Well developed chest and ribs, Very nice hindquarters with good angulation. Moved very well.

3.Mr & Mrs Ashton - MADALINCA SPRING CREENA. Litter sister to 2nd and another lovely head with dark eyes and good ears. A little bit shorter in neck and stuffier in shoulders than 2nd. Good bone and feet, lovely chest and loin-arch. Nice hindquarter angulation. Moved well.

Resv. Mrs Barron & Bull - BONAFORTE'S LUNA



1. Mrs Forrett - MORGAN DELLA BASSA PAVESE AT CULVERCROFT (Ita.Imp). Two days short of 12 mths old. Lovely top quality bitch with fabulous head and expression, dark eyes, rose ears. Very good long strong arched neck well set into good shoulders attached to beautiful long sloping upper-arms. Lovely forechest and long deep ribcage with high tuckup. Excellent loin arch flowing smoothly into good pelvis and beautifully angulated hindlegs. Good bone throughout, great feet, good muscles and coat. Movement excellent. What a gorgeous girl. BEST PUPPY BITCH & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, BEST NOVICE.

2. Mrs Macaulay - WHITEGLEN GALA QUEEN FROM GARTLOVE. Very lovely but anxious black 10mth old. She took a bit of time to settle for judging but was well worth my patience as she rapidly blossomed to show her true beauty.  Excellent feminine head with wonderful furnishings. Dark eyes. Ears a bit large and flat. Long arched neck, well laid shoulders, very long sloping upper arms. Good bone. Feet a bit soft. Good ribcage. Looking a bit long bodied due to being soft in the loin at present, and her pelvis is a bit flat but really broad. Lovely hindleg angulation with sweeping curves. Moved very well indeed with big elastic stride. Reminds me a lot of CHs Kellybourne Ice Rocket and Marumac Bahbarella at the same age, I hope she matures in the same way.

3.Ms Stirling - CLANLILY WISHING ON A STAR. Very nice 10mth red brindle. Head a bit heavy in skull, with round eyes and cheekbones. Very good neck and shoulders, with lovely upper-arms, good ribcage and hindquarters. A bit flat in topline. Moved quite well. Promising





1. Ms Pinkney - HYDEBECK RULER OF THE STARS JW. 13mth light brindle. Expertly handled youngster presented in good muscle and condition. Sadly her head is not her fortune being heavy in skull with high stop, round cheekbones and eye-orbits, and flat black ears. Good length of neck. Shoulders wide-set at top resulting in a slightly rolling and bumpy front side-gait. Shortish straight upper-arms dropping vertically giving her a 'terrier-style' front. Well boned. Good feet. Very nice deep ribcage with good tuckup. Strong loin-arch blending smoothly into too steep shortish pelvis with high tail set. Good hindleg angulation with lovely sweep to stifles, long back pasterns. Moved truly to and fro, sidegait a bit short striding in front but powerful behind.

2. Mrs Brown - BONAFORTE'S JE SUIS AVEC CLADDAGHWOLF. 14mths. Lovely head, eyes, and ears. Good neck, shoulders wide-set at top and upright upper-arms. Needs more rib depth and loin arch. Hindquarters need more angulation. Moved steadily but short-striding in front.



1. Mrs T Sumner - DUKESARUM SCOUT. 21mths old black of very good proportions, overall balance, and outline. Good head, dark eyes. Good ears a bit low-set. Excellent long strong neck well set into good shoulders, long sloping upper-arms, good forechest. Lovely deep ribcage with good tuckup. Excellent loin-arch joined smoothly into good pelvis and lovely hindlegs with broad well angulated stifles and hocks. Feet a bit soft. Moved very well to and fro with lovely big elastic side gait. Seriously considered her for the CC/ResCC.

2.Mr & Mrs Ashton - BRIBIBA CUAN GHRA OF MADALINCA. 20mths black, similar type to 1st. Head not as good as 1st, with rounded skull and cheekbones. Good eyes and ears. Very nice neck. Excellent loin and underline. Good feet, upper-arms, and shoulders. Sufficient hind-angulation. Moved well.

3.Mrs MacLeod - BRACHAN EIRA. 21mth heavily boned brindle of very different type to 1 & 2, looking shortbacked and  upright in front and hind assemblies. (It became clear, later, that this was largely due to anxiety, and her shape changed markedly for the better in her later class.) Rather masculine head with heavy skull, round cheekbones and eye-orbits. Good ears. Neck rather short and slightly ewe-shaped when strung-up. Heavy front with wide-set shoulders, and short upright upper-arms. Deep well sprung ribcage with good tuckup. Needs more loin-arch. Short steep pelvis with high tail-set. Needs more femur length, standing upright through stifles and hocks. Very good feet. Moved true front and back and has a good side-gait.




2. Ms Braine - HOLLYHENGE MADAM MEGHAN - Very pretty 2yr old beautifully groomed and presented. Head is too heavy in skull with round cheek bones but all disguised in bountiful furnishings. Dark eyes. Very good ears. Nice neck, shoulders, upper-arms. Good loins and underline. High tails-set. Wide pelvis but too short and this makes her upper thighs narrow. Nice hindleg angulation, good hocks with short back pasterns. Moved well but spoilt by tail going vertically up in the air.



1. Ms Evans - BRAEWISAN ORLAITH. Good strong curvaceous red brindle. Attractive head, cheekbones a bit rounded, but otherwise good head. Lovely eyes. Good neck, shoulders, upper-arms. Nice loin-arch joined smoothly into good pelvis. Nicely angulated hindlegs with good hocks. Tail set a bit high. Good mover.

2. Mrs MacLeod - BRACHAN EIRA. Much more relaxed in this class, and no longer strung-up by handler/ Consequently the back and neck relaxed so her proportions improved, she had more angulation front and back, a better neck shape, and some loin-arch. Now a worthy 2nd in UGB.

3. Mrs Wilkinson - CONMERYL MERRIMENT OVER HUNACRES Sh CM. 3.5yrs dark brindle. Lovely head with flat cheekbones and correct skull. Good ears, dark eyes. Shortish neck but well set into good shoulders and upper-arms. Very fat which reduced loin-arch to minimal, and affected underline. Nicely angulated hindlegs. Moved well, with curly but low tail. If this nice bitch lost weight and gained muscle she could be so much better, a real ticket contender.





1.Mr & Mrs Sumner - KILLOUGHERY BRAELA OF BALLYPHELAN. 3.75yrs. Very shapely dark brindle. Excellent outline and proportions. Head a bit heavy in skull but good otherwise. Good ears. Lovely neck, shoulders, and upper-arms. Good bone and feet. Nice loin-arch, and good tuckup. Well angulated hindlegs with nice short back pasterns. Needs more muscle throughout but still moved with a long easy elastic stride, and true to and fro. BEST POST-GRADUATE IN SHOW.

2. Mr & Mrs Bridges - KATY PERRY ROAN INISH OF BARASSAY JW. 2yrs. Lovely head - very good shape. Good neck, shoulders and upper-arms. Deep chest, good tuckup and loin-arch. Hindquarters need longer bones to give more angulation. Lovely short back pasterns. Moved very well.

3. Miss Du Rose - BONAFORTE'S BACK CHAT. 4yrs. Beautiful wheaten with fabulous head, dark eyes, and small rose ears. Very good overall outline and balance, lovely loin-arch. Excellent neck. Very nice hindquarters with good angulation. Good bone and feet. Slightly uneven in front movement but moved well otherwise. Close contender for 2nd place.





1. Mrs Ashby - ASHGROAVE BURLEIGH OAKEY. 2yrs red sable with regal bearing and great ring presence. Excellent head, black pigmentation, good teeth, dark eyes, rose ears, and lovely furnishings. Long, strong, arched neck smoothly inserted into good shoulders, and very good long sloping upper-arms with elbows well set under. Deep ribcage with good tuckup. Lovely bone and feet. Excellent loin-arch joined smoothly into broad sloping pelvis. Lovely hindquarters with strong well-angulated muscular hindlegs. Movement true to and fro, sidegait powerful, long striding, elastic, and looks effortless. Gorgeous bitch. BEST LIMIT, BITCH CC, BOS, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, BEST MOVEMENT CUP.

2.Mrs Wilkinson - JESSICA KATE ROAN INISH (IKC). 2yrs old. Dark brindle who looks much older than 2yrs because she is so overweight. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes, ears a bit flat. Very good neck, shoulders, and upper-arms. Good bone. Feet rather soft. Very nice arch in loin on move but flat when standing (too fat). Broad long pelvis. Very good hindquarter angulation and lovely short back pasterns. Lovely side-gait.

3.Mr & Mrs J Sumner - BALLYPHELAN ROSY RYAN. 3yrs old. Very eye catching bitch with regal appearance. On examination head is disappointingly coarse in skull with round cheekbones. Lovely long neck, good shoulders, upper-arms a bit short and forward set. Good topline and underline. Very good bone and feet. Nicely angulated hindquarters.  More muscle would benefit. Moved well.





1. Miss Heather - WHITEORCHARD VENUSTA.  3.5yrs grey brindle. Tall elegant grey brindle presenting a well proportioned and balanced picture. Very good head, eyes and ears. Long neck but a bit narrow at  base. Shoulders slightly straight. Lovely long sloping upper-arms. Good forechest and deep, long, well-sprung ribcage. Needs more loin-arch. Lovely well angulated and muscled hindquarters. Good bone and feet. Moved truly to and fro, and a steady balanced side-gait but would have liked more enthusiasm.  RESERVE BITCH CC

2. Ms Pinkney - CH. HYDEBECK IMPERIAL DREAM JW. 3yrs. Stylish and eye-catching bitch expertly handled. Her pretty head looks small for her size, and is marred by rounded skull and cheekbones. Relatively short, narrow slightly ewe-shaped neck inserts just in front of straightish shoulders. Lovely upper-arms, good forechest, deep well-sprung ribcage, good tuckup. Nicely arched loin. Pelvis too steep. Excellent hindleg angulation with short back pasterns. Good bone and feet. Moved true front and back, sidegait has powerful drive from behind but needs more front reach to be balanced.

3. Miss Bennett - FINNEAGLE LADY CORA. 4yr old black with lovely head, eyes, ears and expression. Long strong neck well set into good shoulders, upper-arms, and forechest. Needs more shape to underline and tuckup. Loin-arch minimal standing and was lost on the move. Tail-set a bit high but carried correctly. Pelvis good shape but could be wider. Good hindleg angulation. Moved truly to and fro, sidegait needs more reach in front but good behind.

Resv. Mr & Mrs Ashton, & Mrs Ross - Can.CH. CNOCCARNE ANNE BONNEY AGH. 5.5yrs



These four 7yr old bitches provided a difficult class to judge and from the ringside my decision may have surprised, but hands-on in the ring it was clear that the beautifully presented experienced show girls were unfit and devoid of muscles, whereas the small bitch on her first venture into the ring was packed with muscle and could go straight out and hunt successfully. This became the deciding factor.

1. Miss Du Rose - ICE CREAM VON DER OELMUHLE WITH HELIODOR. 7yrs. Small red wheaten not being shown to her advantage, but upon examination she is a really good typical bitch. Lovely feminine head, with black pigmentation, dark eyes and small rose ears. Long arched neck smoothly inserted into well laid shoulders, long sloping upper-arms, good forechest, deep long ribcage and a good tuckup. Strongly arched loin. Pelvis a bit steep but long and wide, broad well-angulated hindlegs.  Very well muscled throughout, and in great physical condition. Moved extremely well, and could clearly go hunting big game whenever required. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.

2. Mr & Mrs J Sumner - BALLYPHELAN DAMSON. 7.25yrs. Very impressive dark brindle. Super beautiful head, with dark eyes and highset ears. Long strong neck, lovely shoulders, upper-arms a bit forward placed. Topline variable, standing looks devoid of loin-arch, but much better on the move. Good ribcage and tuckup. Very nice hind leg angulation but lacking muscle. Moved very well. A very lovely bitch, if she had been fit and well muscled the show results could have been rather different.  

3.Mrs Tebbutt - CH. CAREDIG DELILAH. 7.5yrs. Very beautiful big bitch with great presence and noble bearing. Lovely female IW head, good skull shape with correct flat cheekbones, highset ears. Lower incisors very worn which affected her placing. Excellent neck, shoulders, upper-arms, and forechest. Lovely deep long ribcage but not much tuckup. Very strong loin-arch flowing smoothly into broad sloping pelvis, very nicely angulated hindlegs and good hocks. Lacking in tone and muscle throughout body. Moved accurately but without any drive or enthusiasm.

Resv. Mr & Mrs Bridges - AMELIE Z LUCIAKU OVER BARRASSAY. 7yrs


BRACE (8E, 6A)

1. GREGORY'S BRACE - well matched and moved in harmony together





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